• Removes dead skin after 7 days
    • Over 16 botanical and fruit extracts
    • Innovative dual layered bootie
    • Ready to use
    • Free of Mineral Oils, Lanolin, Petroleum, Parabens
    Price: £7.99
  • Exclusive
    Skintruth Optimise Vitamin E Enriched Cream 225ml
    • Deeply nourishing moisturiser perfect for mature skin types
    • Enriched with Patchouli extract and Vitamin E
    • Leaves skin smooth and supple
    • No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    Price: £8.99
    • Creamy mask formulated to optimise sensitive skin
    • Enriched with Chamomile extract to provide a soothing action
    • Lavender has antiseptic benefits with the ability to calm and soothe
    • Alcohol free with no parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    Price: £11.80
    • Smoothing exfoliator formulated with fine walnut shell
    • Vitamin C and Rosemary infused blend
    • Energise and gently remove sluggish skin cells
    • Leaves an illuminating complexion
    • No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    Price: £10.60
    • Dual layered booties so no messy application
    • Removes dead skin in 7 days
    • Over 17 botanical & fruit extracts
    • Skin softening AHA & Anti-Bacterial formula
    • Suitable for all skin types
    Price: £7.99
  • Exclusive
    Skintruth Equalising Mud Mask 225ml
    • Purify the complextion by removing impurities and excess oils
    • Help balance, tone and equalise oil and moisture levels
    • Orange Blossom offers natural healing for sensitive and delicate skin
    • Extracts of Ginger promotes balance and revitalise skin tone.
    • No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    Price: £12.29
    • Theraputic mask to restore the skin's moisture levels
    • Blended with Orchid and Ginseng extracts
    • Delivers hydration for normal to dry skin types
    • Rejuvenates the complexion leaving skin radiant and smooth
    • No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    Price: £12.29
  • Exclusive
    Skintruth Optimise Radiance Setting Mask 225ml
    • Rejuvenating setting mask that revitalises dull and tired skin
    • Infused with Geranium to help soothe and refine skin appearance
    • Acerola - rich in Vitamins A and C helps hydrate and replenish
    • No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    Price: £12.29