• Delicate shampoo that helps to repair damaged hair, leaving the hair clean and cared
    • Formulated with EDDS, micronized lipids and amino acids
    Price: £15.49
  • New
    Kemon Kidding Hair & Body Shampoo 200ml
    • Kids hair and body shampoo
    • SLES- and SLS-free
    • Non-eye-stinging formula, tolerability tested on sensitive skins
    • 93% of ingredients from natural origins *
    • Contains Velian Complex
    Price: £8.99
  • Exclusive
    Argan Secret Shada Tweenie Pack 750ml
    • Shada Luxury Sulphate Free Shampoo from Argan Secret
    • Daily cleanser with argan oil
    • Moisturises, repairs and supports colour
    • For all hair types
    • Shada Luxury Smoothing Conditioner from Argan Secret
    • Daily conditioner with argan oil
    • Smoothes and strengthens damaged hair
    • For all hair types
    • Contains Argan Secret Shada Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml
    Price: £29.99
  • Limited Edition
    L'Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle Daily Detangling Cream 200ml
    • Detangling Hair Cream for everyday use on normal to fine hair.
    • Minimises damage, split ends and breakage.
    • Enhances shine and leaves hair supple and full of vitality.
    • 99% natural origin ingredients, including Acacia leaves and Aloe Essence.
    • Free from silicones, sulphates, parabens & synthetic fragrances.
    Price: £20.99
    • Cleanses & eliminates dandruff flakes
    • Rebalances the scalp
    • Nourishes the scalp
    • Enriched with viatmin E
    Price: £12.98
    • Deeply cleanses
    • Purifies of excess oil & residues
    • Rebalances the scalp
    • Nourishes the scalp
    • Enriched with vitamin B3
    Price: £12.98
    • Reinforces hair fibre
    • Reverses thinning hair
    • stimulates hair re growth
    • contains Biotin
    Price: £12.98
    • Soothing
    • Calming
    • Relieves scalp prone to irritation
    • Reinforces scalps natural deferenses
    • Enriched with vitamin B5
    Price: £12.98
    • Delicately cleanses and restores weak hair
    • Cleanses and repairs over-processed hair
    • For strong and soft hair full of shine
    • Sulfate Free formulation
    Price: £12.98