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    • Multi-purpose texturising paste
    • Great for versatile styling
    • Hair looks thicker
    • Absorbs excess oil from scalp
    • Paraben-free
    Price: € 10,00
    • Professional formula leaves hair squeaky clean
    • Smells great with a unique fragrance
    • Empowers and energises overtired skin
    • Helps stimulate blood flow to skin and scalp
    • Awakens and refreshes senses
    Price: € 12,00
    • Helps keep your skin in peak condition
    • Use weekly or twice weekly
    • Removes dead skin cells from face and scalp
    • Helps oxygenate skin and keep it looking healthy
    • Improves circulation to face and scalp
    Price: € 10,00
    • A smooth and comfortable shave
    • Moisturising formula helps eradicate shaving redness
    • Helps ensure the closest and cleanest shave
    • Moisturising and cleansing extracts re-hydrate, soothe and condition
    Price: € 10,00
    • A luxurious Beard Oil infused with Cedarwood and Rosemary
    • Conditions the beard
    • Made using natural oils
    Price: € 10,00
    • Ease the pain of shaving
    • Soothes and conditions skin
    • Reduces surface shine
    • Protects the skin from moisture loss
    • Packed with soothing extracts, vitamins and antioxidants
    Price: € 10,00