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  • <style> .pdp-form_wrapper.pdp-training_wrapper, .availability-notavailable, .availability-instock,.variation-list {display:none !important;}</style>The Traditional Barbering course is the most thorough path to becoming a barber. Throughout the day, students will learn about the quintessentially British history of barbering and why it’s so important to give tribute to tradition. <br> <br> <b>Top Features</b><br> <ul><li>Practical session where students will practice scissor-over- comb techniques and perform a short clipper-comb taper cut </li> <li>The history of barbering </li> <li>Overview of cutting tools </li></ul><br> <b>Key Learnings</b><br><ul> <li>Cutting different shapes using traditional barbering techniques </li> <li>Learn how to carry out scissor-over-comb, layer-over-comb techniques, clipper-over comb, tapering and flat-top techniques </li> <li>Health and safety knowledge to carry out the service confidently </li> </ul>
    Price: € 175,00