• 100% vegan friendly, dust free formula with an incredible 9+ levels of lift
    • Formulated with Fibre Bond Technology fopr optimum condition
    • Formulated with special violet pigments to help neutralise unwanted brassy tones often associated with the lightening process
    • For use both on and off scalp
    • For use both on and off scalp
    Price: € 34,00
    • 100% vegan friendly formulated with the mineral Kaolin to help enable the hair to remain encapsulated and wet throughout the lifting process
    • The perfect solution for all freehand, open air techniques
    • Designed to thicken any bleach formula
    • Helps prevent the bleach from sweeling resulting in no bleed or seepage. Product will not dry out as a result
    • No need for foils meche or film
    Price: € 22,40
    out of stock
    • Vibrant shades in bright, bold colour
    • Semi-perm hair colour collection available in 7 wild shades
    • Ready to use formula
    • Contains no ammonia or peroxide
    • Can be used with Osmo Color Psycho Colour Tamer (sold seperately) to create unique pastel effects with dazzling results
    Price: € 9,55
    out of stock
    • Tame wild Color Psycho shades into submission with Color Tamer
    • Create unique pastel effects with dazzling results
    • Turns wild brights into tame pastel shades
    Price: € 9,55
    out of stock
    • Helps neutralise unwanted orange tones
    • Perfect for use on darker Levels 5-7
    • Packed with pure blue pigment
    • Can be added to any lightening formula with no compromise on development time
    • 100% vegan friendly
    Price: € 18,40
    out of stock