• The ultimate finishing tool designed for finishing, fading, blending and bald fades.
    • Hypoallergenic gold foils, the ultra-fine foil enables a super close cut of 0.1mm and a bump-free finish.
    • You only need to use light paintbrush motions to achieve a super close cut with the fine foil
    • Benefiting from a Lithium Ion battery and strong run time of 80 minutes.
    • Comes with a pre shave brush and cleaning brush.
    Price: € 133,00
    • Features an extra wide T-blade for super close trimming.
    • Corded for continuous power.
    • Blade can be adjusted to zero overlap for ultra close cutting.
    • Designed for edge lining and detail work.
    • Cutting length 0.4mm - Includes 3 trimmer attachment combs, grade 1-3.
    Price: € 98,80
    • Sharp, straight blades cut and shape with precision
    • Micro-serrations keep hair from slipping
    • Complete with comb to keep you well groomed
    • Made from stainless steel
    Price: € 28,15
    • Protects work surfaces
    • Helps prevent wear and tare to coumter tops and surfaces.
    • Keeps tools organised and in place.
    • Size 45W x 30H x 1D cm
    • Black PVC Material
    Price: € 26,42
    • Trim strays and neaten facial hair with precision
    • Rounded blade tip curves away from skin for safety
    • Suitable for facial, nose and ear hairs
    • Made from stainless steel
    Price: € 26,00
    • For use with the Andis Profoil® Lithium Shaver
    • Gold titanium hypo-allergenic foils for irritation free shaving
    • Perfect for finishing fades and removing stubble for an ultra-close smooth shave.
    Price: € 21,00
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    • Moisturises beard and skin
    • Suitable for all beard types
    • Helps to tame the dry beard look
    • Keep it natural, keep it fresh
    • Full of the natural oils almond, grape, macadamia, jojoba, argan, cedarwood and sandlewood, along with vitamin E
    Price: € 16,49
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    Osmo Beard Complex Intense Conditioning Oil 100ml
    • Infused with Argan oil, rich in vitamins A and E
    • Nourishes, moisturises and restores hair and skin
    • Applying to tattoos helps bring colour back to life
    • Perfect for nourishing skin after skin fade styles
    • Refreshing grapefruit fragrance
    Price: € 12,79 € 15,99
    • Smooths, hydrates and nourishes beard hair
    • Moisturises skin as well as the beard hair
    • Handy 50ml travel size
    • Unique fusion of oils and fragrances
    • Aromas of the Caribbean
    Price: € 11,70
    • A luxurious Beard Oil infused with Cedarwood and Rosemary
    • Conditions the beard
    • Made using natural oils
    Price: € 10,00