Nails Inc London INC.redible Iridescent In a Dream World Lip Gloss - 99% Unicorn 1% Badass

541421 - 99% Unicorn 1% Badass
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€287.36 per 100ml
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1 2 3 4 5
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Features & benefits
  • Intense effect iridescent sheer lip gloss
  • A lilac base with a beautiful greeny blue iridescent pigment
  • Cosmetics that capture how beauty should make you feel
  • Choose from a range of shades and trend effects
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  • Colour:
    • 99% Unicorn 1% Badass 99% Unicorn 1% Badass
    • Stayin Mad & Magical Stayin Mad & Magical
    • Anything Flaming Goes Anything Flaming Goes
    • Never Peachless Never Peachless
    • Rainbow Hooves & Crazy Moves Rainbow Hooves & Crazy Moves
    • 99% Unicorn 1% Badass 99% Unicorn 1% Badass
    • Mermaid Tantrums Mermaid Tantrums
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Intense effect iridescent sheer lip gloss Intense effect, sheer lip gloss with colour flip pigment, In A Dream World is a lip gloss made in heaven. Each shade has its own unique character, with complex swirls of illuminating pigment that flips out dependant on where the light hits. Feminine and illuminating, this look is super wearable on its own or over your favourite lip colour as a topper. Whichever you choose, you ll be living like a dreamer.

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