• This course celebrates everything involved in a traditional British wet shave; from working with crisp hot towels, to learning delicate forehand and backhand razor techniques.
    Price: € 190,00
  • Developed by Mike Taylor Education, the Introduction to Barbering course is the perfect way to teach you how much this profession has to offer.
    Price: € 190,00
  • The Traditional Barbering course is the most thorough path to becoming a barber. Throughout the day, students will learn about the quintessentially British history of barbering and why it’s so important to give tribute to tradition.

    Top Features
    • Practical session where students will practice scissor-over- comb techniques and perform a short clipper-comb taper cut
    • The history of barbering
    • Overview of cutting tools

    Key Learnings
    • Cutting different shapes using traditional barbering techniques
    • Learn how to carry out scissor-over-comb, layer-over-comb techniques, clipper-over comb, tapering and flat-top techniques
    • Health and safety knowledge to carry out the service confidently
    Price: € 190,00