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  • Offer
    3 FOR 2
    • Professional, long lasting, high shine gel polish
    • Formulated to prevent chipping and smudges
    • Brilliant shine and vibrant colour
    • LED & UV curable
    • Easy to apply for up to 3 weeks wear
    Price: £10.75 £24.98
  • Exclusive
    ASP  Professional Gel Nail Polish Curve LED Lamp
    • Powerful advanced curing technology
    • Designed with 78 state-of-the-art Taiwanese LED bulbs that provide the best wavelength (405nm) for curing and over 8000 bulb hours
    • Angled lights for full 5-finger curing
    • Ensures maximum comfort for clients
    • Pre-set 10, 30 and 60 second timer for accurate curing
    Price: £79.99
  • 3 FOR 2
    • Professional, long-lasting gel polish
    • Brilliant shine and vibrant colour
    • Formulated to prevent chipping and smudges
    • LED and UV curable
    • Lasts up to two weeks
    Price: £24.98
  • Exclusive
    ASP Manicure Cuticle Conditioning Oil Sugarcane & Vanilla 75ml
    • Promotes the growth of natural nails
    • Nourishes and protects cuticles
    • Delivers nutrients directly to the nail via the cuticle
    • Light and non-greasy
    • High quality formula
    Price: £4.99
    • ASP Naturals Manicure Sugarcane and Bamboo Micro Exfoliant Scrub
    • Leaves skin soft and radiant
    • Moisturising and exfoliating
    Price: £6.49
  • Exclusive
    ASP Manicure Hydration Hand Cream Lotion Sugarcane & Vanilla 240ml
    • Ultra sheer lotion for 24-hour time-released hydration
    • Perfect for dry and damaged skin
    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Brightens skin tone
    • High quality ingredients
    Price: £4.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Power Stay Professional Nail Lacquer Top Coat 9ml
    • The multifaceted top coat completes your "Self-Cured Gel-Like" manicure
    • Exclusive Dual Polymer Technology for a long lasting, durable, high shine finish
    • Acrylic provides non-yellowing properties to help preserve and protect your manicure
    • With Shellac for additional fortification
    • Enviable wet-look finish
    Price: £4.49
  • Offer
    ASP Power Stay Professional Nail Lacquer Base Coat 9ml
    3 FOR 2
    • The first step in triple-layer fusion for a "Self-Cured Gel-Like" manicure
    • Specially formulated to act as a colour magnet
    • The unique formula fuses with the lacquer and acts as a binding layer
    • Optical Brightener helps to bring damaged nails back to life
    • Nonychosine F delivers strength and resilience to help weak and brittle nails
    Price: £4.49
  • Exclusive
    ASP 36 Watt UV Lamp
    • Professional quality 36 watt UV lamp
    • Cures both hard and soak-off gels
    • Slide-out, reflective plate for pedicures
    • Features 120 & 180 second timer settings for precise curing
    Price: £89.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Brush On Glue Clear 6g
    • ASP Brush On Glue Clear
    • Easy application
    • Long-lasting hold
    • Fast-drying with quick adhesion
    Price: £5.09
  • Offer
    ASP Signature Conditioning Soak Off Solution 236ml
    3 FOR 2
    • Signature Conditioning Soak Off Solution from ASP
    • For the removal of ASP Gel Polishes
    • Protects nail plate and skin Enriched moisturising formula
    • Bottle size 236ml
    Price: £11.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Signature Gel Polish Make it Peelable Base Coat 14ml
    • No filing or soak-off required
    • Significantly improves the condition of the natural nail
    • Up to three weeks wearability
    • Effortless, time saving removal
    • Easy application
    Price: £19.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Naturals Manicure Pomegranate and Acai Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick 1.6g
    • ASP Naturals Manicure Pomegranate and Acai Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick
    • Contains a rich blend of shea butter, vitamins and olive oil
    • Applicator doubles up as pusher
    Price: £4.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Desk Towels, Pack of 50
    • High quality desk towels
    • Highly absorbent and disposable
    • To help keep your nail desk hygienic and protected
    • 50 towels per pack
    Price: £12.98
  • 3 FOR 2
    • Multi-patented nail lacquer taken to the next level
    • Exclusive Dual Polymer Technology for a long lasting, durable, high-shine lacquer
    • Volcanic Glass provides natural cushioning and strength during application
    • Incorporating Polyester Resin in this lacquer helps give excellent abrasion resistance and durability
    • Plant Derived and Patented Plasticizers contribute to film properties that provide flexibility
    Price: £4.49
  • Exclusive
    ASP Pedicure Cuticle Softener 118ml
    • ASP Pedicure Cuticle Softner
    • Exfoliate stubborn cuticle areas
    • Discover healthier looking feet
    • Gently and effectively remove dead skin
    • Contains pomegranate
    Price: £5.99
  • Offer
    ASP Signature Conditioning Finishing Wipe 236ml
    3 FOR 2
    • Finishing wipe fluid from ASP
    • Part of the Signature range
    • Leaves the nail and cuticle hydrated
    • Removes the sticky layer after curing
    • Provides a high-gloss finish that lasts
    Price: £11.99
  • Exclusive
    Asp Brush Saver 14ml
    • Cleans brush after use
    • Prevents resin from sticking to brush
    Price: £7.99
  • Offer
    ASP No Blend Ultra Nail Tips Pack of 100
    SAVE 25%
    • Parallel to side walls
    • Well-less
    • Crack resistant, non-yellowing ABS plastic
    • Easy to cut and file
    • Fits most nail beds
    Price: £8.24 £10.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Manicure Application Brush
    • Ideal for busy nail technicians
    • Specialised brush
    • Complements the Spa Naturals Intensive Treatment Wrap
    • Boost your salon offerings
    Price: £4.25
  • Exclusive
    ASP Soak Off Gel Remover Tool
    • ASP Soak Off Gel Remover Tool
    • Ideal for under nails and during pedicures
    • Precision crafted stainless steel
    • Sanitisable
    Price: £10.19
  • Exclusive
    ASP Silk Strips Two Packs of 91cm
    • ASP Silk Strips
    • High quality silk strips
    • Two Packs of 91cm
    • For overlay or repair use
    • Prevents peeling, bending and splitting of weak nails
    Price: £7.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Soak Off Nail Caps & Foams Refill Pack
    • Easily removes gel and glitter polish
    • Requires less exposure to acetone
    • Super absorbent foam pads
    • Reusable caps
    Price: £12.98
  • Exclusive
    ASP Nail Heart Buffer
    • Buffs nails to a glass-like finish
    • Pink heart shape is heat-activated
    • Smoothes natural nails
    • Two sides for buffing nails
    Price: £2.29
  • Exclusive
    ASP Prep 'N' Clean Dehydrant 10ml
    • ASP Prep 'N' Clean Dehydrant
    • Evaporate moisture
    • Remove oil
    • Rebalance nails' ph levels
    • Supplied in a 10ml bottle
    Price: £6.98
    • Fast-drying top coat from ASP
    • Armour-strong
    • High-gloss shine
    • Dries in seconds
    • Enhances the look of any polish
    Price: £5.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Pro Forms Roll of 250
    • High quality pro forms from ASP
    • Extra adhesion
    • Longer form to achieve a variety of nail shapes and lengths
    Price: £10.06
  • Exclusive
    ASP White Quartz Earth Stone Pumice
    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
    • Easy to grip
    • Floats in water
    Price: £3.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Glue N' GO!, Nail Glue Clear Pack of 5
    • Single use disposable nail glue
    • Ideal for mobile nail technicians or use on the go
    • Precision applicator
    • Self piercing cap
    • Bonds instantly
    Price: £7.00
  • Exclusive
    ASP Signature Base Coat 14ml
    • Manicure base coat from ASP
    • Part of the Signature range
    • Promotes a long-lasting finish
    • Reduces chipping and peeling
    • Prevents staining of nails
    Price: £24.98
    • ASP Instant Nail Glue
    • Instantly repairs and strengthens nails
    • Precise drop application
    • Bonds instantly to nails
    Price: £6.89
  • Exclusive
    ASP Nail Forms Pack of 24
    • ASP Nail Forms
    • Reusable and clear
    • Overlays on natural nails, inlay of nail art or coloured acrylic
    • Quick and effortless
    • Professional finish
    Price: £6.98
  • Exclusive
    ASP Pedicure Callus Softener 118ml
    • Professional-strength callus removal lotion from ASP
    • Softens resistant calluses for easy removal
    • With mango and papain
    • Nourishing and exfoliating
    • 118ml bottle
    Price: £6.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Ultra Kolinsky Brush
    • ASP Ultra Kolinsky Brush
    • Spectacular finishing results
    • High quality bristles
    • Easy application of products
    Price: £10.99
  • Exclusive
    ASP Signature Mini LED Lamp
    • 9-watt mini LED curing lamp
    • Cures all 5 fingers at once
    • Small, compact and travel safe
    • State of the art LED technology
    • Cures all ASP Signature gel polish, top and base coats
    Price: £69.98
  • Exclusive
    Asp Resin Activator  59ml
    • ASP Activator
    • Quickly cures the surface of the nail
    • Instantly dries
    • Gentle on nails
    Price: £15.98