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    • Clean and Easy Soothe - Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
    • Contains allantoin
    • Cools and soothes
    • Calming and revitalising
    Price: £9.50
    • Original Wax Refills from Clean & Easy
    • Pack of 12, large size
    • A blend of natural products
    • For hair removal
    • Safe working temperature
    Price: £41.50
    • Waxing kit from Clean & Easy
    • Everything you need to perform waxing treatments
    • With a range of waxes, heater, tools and instructional video
    Price: £244.99
    • Chamomile and azulene large wax refills
    • From Clean & Easy
    • For allergy-prone skin
    • Pack of 12, 952g
    Price: £41.50
    out of stock
    • Cleanser from Clean & Easy
    • Removes any wax residue
    • Emollient wheat germ oil
    • Can be used to clean the Waxing Spa Kit
    Price: £10.50
    out of stock
    • Brazilian Bikini Wax from Clean & Easy
    • For total hair removal in sensitive areas
    • No-strip formula
    • No waxy residue
    • 350g tub
    Price: £12.00
    • Clean and Easy Azulene Calming Oil
    • Contains chamomile
    • Soothing and calming
    • Ideal following any hair removal
    • Promotes softer, healthier skin
    Price: £7.00
    • Natural wax blend with soothing Chamomile and Azulene
    • Ideal for sensitive skin for facial and body waxing
    • 30% faster application than pot wax
    • No added chemicals or perfumes
    • Works at a safe low temperature
    Price: £8.40
    • Clean and Easy Pre Epilating Oil
    • Effective hair removal prep
    • Conditions and softens the skin
    • Ideal for use with all types of hard wax
    • Gentle formula
    Price: £7.50
    • Long-lasting and highly pigmented blusher
    • Available in a variety of finishes
    • Glides on smoothly
    • Create an array of stunning looks
    • Shades to complement any skin tone, no matter the occasion
    Price: £2.00 £4.99
    out of stock
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    Sleek H/Light Palette Solstice
    • Gorgeous all-over shimmer that
    • Includes three luxurious velvet cream formulas and one powder
    • Versatile, complements all skin tones
    • Instantly enhances the complexion
    Price: £4.00 £10.00
    out of stock
    • Available in a variety of gorgeous matte or sheen finishes
    • Keeps lips soft and supple
    • Enriched with vitamin E to hydrate and protect lips
    • Glides on with ease and comfortable to wear
    • A must-have to awaken your make-up look
    Price: £2.00 £4.99
    • Original Large Wax Refills from Clean & Easy
    • With beeswax, honey and pine
    • No added chemicals or perfume
    • For non-sensitive skin
    • Pack of Three, 238g
    Price: £11.00
    • Twelve shades of super-pigmented, long-lasting eyeshadow
    • Contains mica particles that highlight and illuminate
    • Available in twelve palettes to suit every mood and trend
    Price: £3.50 £8.99
    • Includes an easy-to-blend contour powder and an illuminating highlighter
    • Achieve a beautifully sculpted and defined appearance
    • Use together or individually
    Price: £7.00
    out of stock
    • Clean and Easy Large Leg Roller Head
    • Perfect results every time
    • Special distibution channel
    • Apply wax at just the tirght temperature
    Price: £5.00
    out of stock
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    Sleek MakeUP Bronze Block Light
    • Get that sun-kissed glow all year-round
    • Combines four complementary shades for a natural radiant complexion
    • Adds a refreshed glow to the skin
    • Long-lasting velvety smooth texture
    • Blends effortlessly on all skin tones
    Price: £3.00 £7.49
    out of stock
    • The ultimate professional make-up tool
    • Combines a corrector, concealer and a setting powder
    • Protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays
    • Long-lasting wear
    Price: £7.99
    out of stock
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    Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Eyeshadow Ultra Matte Bright
    • Twelve shades of super-pigmented, long-lasting eyeshadow
    • Contains mica particles that highlight and illuminate
    • Intensely creamy and super blend-able
    • Available in a variety of colour ways
    Price: £3.50 £8.99
    out of stock
    • Deluxe Wax Pot Heater from Clean & Easy
    • For high volume waxing
    • Heats to a consistent temperature
    • Swap wax pots easily
    • For warm and hard wax pots
    Price: £64.00
    out of stock