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    Sugarbearhair Hair Vitamins - 60 Tablets
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    • Formulated with essential hair vitamins
    • Vegetarian vitamin blend designed to promote healthy and fast hair growth
    • Contains hair and nail vitamins to support the strength and shine of both
    • Deliciously soft and chewy, flavoured with natural berries
    • Vegetarian, gluten free, soy free, cruelty free
    Price: £14.97 £29.95
    out of stock
    • For razor cutting and shaping
    • Removable guard
    • White plastic pearl handle
    Price: £7.99
    • Cover Your Gray from Fiske
    • Semi-permanent colour touch-up
    • Goes on like a mascara
    • Covers emerging greys
    • Light Brown/Black supplied
    Price: £4.99
    • Professional razor for hair shaping
    • Use with any double-sided razor blade
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    Price: £9.95
    out of stock
    • Get a very close shaves
    • Supermax Double Edge Blades
    • Quality and value
    Price: £8.99
    out of stock