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Cookie policy

The administrator of this website is Sally Salon Services Limited (‘Sally’):

Sally Salon Services Ltd.
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This cookie policy provides you with more information about the cookies Sally uses on this website, their purpose and lifespan and whether you have the right to decline these cookies.

To view a list of the cookies used on this website, click on the "Cookie Settings" tab in this Cookie Policy and go to "Cookie Details".

Given that these cookies may contain personal data, this cookie policy must be read together with our privacy policy, which you can consult via privacy policy.

The processing of personal data is subject to the Data Protection Act 2018 and any other national laws.

Cookies Settings
1. What are cookies?

As administrator of this website, Sally makes use of so-called ‘cookies’. Cookies are unique extracts of information that are installed on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. They allow our website to recognize your web browser when you visit our website and thus improve your user experience. Cookies allow us to store certain usage information and to enable certain features on our website.

The cookies on your computer or mobile device are managed by your web browser (see below).

2. What type of cookies do we use and why?

There are different types of cookies depending on the purpose they serve, their time of expiry (‘session’ and ‘persistent’ cookies) and their origin (‘first-party’ and ‘third-party’ cookies).

- Essential cookies are cookies that are strictly necessary to browse the website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the website.

- Non-essential cookies are cookies that can be set for statistical, social, targeting and commercial purposes. They are not related to the mere technical support of the website. Cookies with statistical purposes allow us to check which pages of the website you visit, where your computer is localized etc. Cookies with social purposes allow the user to share the content of the visited website through social media directly to others. Cookies with targeting purposes allow a creation of your profile based on your surfing behavior so that the displayed advertisement will be adapted to your interests. Cookies with commercial purposes keep track of how many and which advertisements were displayed to a user.

- Session cookies contain information that is used within your current browser session. These cookies are temporary and expire once you close your browser (or once your session ends). Most functional cookies are session cookies.

- Persistent cookies are used to store information between visits to the website. This data enables the website to recognise you as a returning visitor and therefore respond accordingly, for example by storing your language preferences. Persistent cookies have an expiration date written into their code and their duration can vary. Most non-functional cookies are persistent cookies.

- First-party cookies are set by our website directly (i.e., the website domain displayed in the address bar). They allow us to collect analytics data, remember language settings, and perform other useful functions that help provide a good user experience.

- Third-party cookies are set by domains other than the one you are visiting directly (e.g., by Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook). They will collect your browsing data and use the data collected via their cookies for purposes they have determined in accordance with their own privacy policy. They can be used for cross-site tracking, retargeting, and ad-serving.

To view a list of the cookies that are used by the website that you are currently visiting, click on “Manage cookies” at the top of this Cookie Policy and go to “Cookies Details”

To view a list of the cookies used on this website, click on the "Cookie Settings" tab at the top of this Cookie Policy and go to "Cookie Details".

3. How can you determine what cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device and how can you delete these cookies?

You can modify your preferences at any time via “Manage cookies.”

All common browsers allow you to define or indicate what cookies you allow in their settings or options:

- Internet Explorer :

- Microsoft Edge:

- Safari:

- Firefox:

- Chrome:

Via your browser, you can view and delete the current cookies on your computer and/or mobile device and choose not to accept them in the future. If you cannot find these settings, you can consult the help function of your browser.

4. Third-party Cookies and their Privacy Policy

Salon Services also places Google cookies on its website. You can obtain an overview via the "Cookie settings" tab, at the top of this Cookie Policy, and then "Cookie details" in the Preferences menu. How Google processes these cookies is described in its Privacy Policy.

5. Contact

If you have any questions or comments regarding our cookie policy, please contact us by:


Phone: 0330 123 1906

To exercise your rights, you can also find further information at privacy policy.