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    Salon Services Beauty Secrets Sticky Picky Nail Art Tool Black
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    • Sticky Picky tool from Beauty Secrets
    • For applying gems and rhinestones to nails
    • Glue and fuss-fee
    • In black
    Price: £5.99
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    • Use to create stunning chrome mirror nails
    • Premium quality, ultra-fine
    • Apply over 'no wipe top coat' or gel polish for a dazzling finish
    • Stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling
    • Easy soak-off removal
    Price: £5.38 £13.94
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    Cina Diamonds and Daisies Decal
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    • Add bit of glitz or accentuate a dark polish
    • Diamonds and Daisies Decal
    • Contains 48 individual decals
    • Easy to apply
    Price: £3.98