• Exclusive
    Asp Lightless Gel Kit
    <ul><li>Create beautiful nails in 3 easy steps</li><li>No UV light required</li><li>Transparent and natural-looking</li><li>Easy to apply</li></ul>
    Price: £20.99
  • <ul><li>Achieve a professional gel manicure, Red Carpet Manicure are the leading providers of gel nails at home</li><li>Kit contains everything required for a long-lasting, chip free, high-shine gel manicure, including a classic gel nail colour to get you started</li><li>Kit also contains remover for the quick and easy removal of your gel polish and cuticle oil for nail care</li><li>Easy to use, with Red Carpet Manicure's Innovative three-step system</li></ul>
    Price: £89.99
  • Last Chance
    ASP Soak Off Gel Master Kit
    <ul><li>ASP Soak Off Gel Master Kit</li><li>Achieve a semi-permanent colour</li><li>Lasts much longer than traditional polish</li><li>Ideal way to begin with gel polishes</li><li>Used with the ASP 36w Lamp</li></ul>
    Price: £60.00
  • <ul><li>True colour coverage with just 2 coats</li><li>Colours can be mixed to personalise the treatment</li><li>Strengthens your natural nails</li><li>High gloss and hard finish that lasts 2-3 weeks</li></ul>
    Price: £199.00
  • Exclusive
    ASP Signature Gel Polish Kit
    <ul><li>Delegate kit for ASP Signature Gel Polish Course</li><li>Contains a range of products and tools</li><li>For professional use</li></ul>
    Price: £222.00
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