• Exclusive
    <ul><li>Gently cleanses the skin and remove all traces of make-up and impurities</li><li>Enriched with Chamomile extract to provide a soothing action</li><li>Lavender has antiseptic benefits with the ability to calm and soothe</li><li>Beautiful fragrance</li><li>No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil</li></ul>
  • £1.29
    <ul><li>Fragrance Free with Micellar Water</li><li>Paraben Free</li><li>Alcohol Free</li><li>Dermatologist Approved</li><li>100% recyclable packaging</li></ul>
  • £12.95
    <ul><li>IvyBears® are Europe's most sold vitamin gummy bears</li><li>Your beauty booster for beauty from the inside: Two bears a day are enough to support your skin</li><li>One pack of IvyBears® contains 150g / 60 pieces and is therefore enough for an entire month</li><li>Naturally delicious without additives: The natural recipe of IvyBears® - free from artificial additives, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, sorbitol-free</li><li>Recommended by beauty experts as well as stars like Cathy Hummels, Georgina Rodriguez, Sylvie Meis, and many more</li></ul>
  • £10.49
    <ul><li>Rich, hydrating foam</li><li>Exfoliates, resurfaces and helps improve skin texture</li><li>Moisturises, hydrates and helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles</li><li>For smoother, firmer, and more radiant skin</li></ul>
  • £9.59
    <ul><li>Gently cleanses, tones and removes make-up and other impurities</li><li>Resurfaces, exfoliates and helps improve skin texture with renewing benefits of Vitamin A </li><li>Leaves skin hydrated and refreshed with its complex blend of gentle moisture-enhancing ingredients</li><li>Handy and on the go resealable package prevents towelettes from drying out</li><li>Suitable for all skin types</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    <ul><li>Gentle formula to remove all traces of make-up and impurities</li><li>Chamomile and Lavender soothe and calm</li><li>Leaves skin supple nad feeling cleansed</li><li>Suitable for all skin types</li><li>No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    <ul><li>Gently cleanses the skin and remove all traces of make-up</li><li>Delivers hydration for normal to dry skin types</li><li>Blended with Orchid and Ginseng extracts</li><li>Beautiful fragrance</li><li>No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil</li></ul>
  • £3.95
    <ul><li>Slanted tweezers from Salon Services</li><li>Hygienic and sterilisable</li><li>Stainless steel</li></ul>
  • £39.55
    <ul><li>Salon Services Cosmetic Brush Set</li><li>Pack of 10</li><li>Made from a mixture of natural and synthetic hair</li><li>In a faux leather 20 pocket wrap</li></ul>
  • £15.00
    <ul><li>The colour you receive will be selected at random from either Neon Pink, Bahama Blue, or Blooming Lilac </li><li>25° Mini Slant Tweezer tip is the perfect angle for working against the brow bone</li><li>Perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips close evenly and firmly to remove hair from the root</li><li>Superior calibrated tension for comfort, control, and true precision</li><li>Travel friendly and TSA approved</li></ul>
  • £4.29
    <ul><li>Latex Cosmetic Wedge</li><li>Pack of 8</li><li>For the smooth application and blending of makeup</li></ul>
  • £9.99
    <ul><li>This cleanser exfoliates and rejuvenates to visibly smooth & brighten skin.</li><li>The Salicylic Acid provides additional exfoliation and brightens the skin.</li><li>Contains Aloe Vera which improves skin hydration.</li></ul>
  • £4.55
    <ul><li>Salon Services Mask Sponges</li><li>Large</li><li>Remove face masks</li><li>Cleanse facial areas</li><li>Pack of 2</li></ul>
  • £6.95
    <ul><li>Multipurpose soothing balm</li><li>Moisturise and protect Lips</li><li>Soothe dry and cracked skin</li><li>Bathes skin cells and helps promote regeneration</li><li>Retains and Restores moisture to lips, skin and hair</li></ul>
  • £5.45
    <ul><li>Disposable Lip Brushes from Salon Services</li><li>Single use</li><li>Hygienic and sanitary</li><li>Pack of 25 supplied</li></ul>
  • £29.99
    <ul><li>Cleans & dries makeup brushes in less than 30 seconds</li><li>Brushes are ready to use immediately</li><li>Cuts through the build-up of stubborn makeup, dirt and oils</li><li>Alcohol, paraben & sulphate free</li><li>Invented with love by BBC Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau</li></ul>
  • £23.00
    <ul><li>Slant Tweezers from Tweezerman</li><li>Sterilisable stainless steel</li><li>Award-winning design</li><li>Neon pink</li></ul>
  • Offer
    Limited Edition
    <ul><li>Duo chromatic pearls for high intensity light reflection</li><li>Lightweight, buildable, blendable texture</li><li>Flattering youthful glow for all skin tones</li><li>Silky-smooth finish</li><li>Oil absorbing</li></ul>
  • £6.95
    <ul><li>Tinted red balm adds a hint of colour</li><li>Moisturise and protect Lips</li><li>Soothe dry and cracked skin</li><li>Bathes skin cells and helps promote regeneration</li><li>Retains and Restores moisture to lips, skin and hair</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    <ul><li>Pencil Sharpener from Salon Services</li><li>Keep cosmetic pencils ready to use</li><li>For thick and thin pencils</li><li>Portable</li><li>Black with shaving reservoir</li></ul>
  • £8.72
    <ul><li>A hydrating cleanser for normal/dry skin</li><li>Gently removes makeup and impurities</li><li>Helps to restore moisture, repair skin and renew cells</li><li>No artificial colours or fragrances</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    <ul><li>A gentle formula for all skin types</li><li>Cleanses away all traces of eye make-up without stressing skin</li><li>Enriched with Silk Amino Acids to retain moisture</li><li>Helps refresh the delicate eye area.</li><li>No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    <ul><li>97% Natural</li><li>Dermatologically tested, clinically proven & certified by the Vegan Society </li><li>3-in-1 luxury balm cleanses, removes make-up, and acts as a mask </li><li>Skin replenishing ingredients that easily absorb into your skin</li><li>Fragranced with rose geranium and palmarosa essential oil</li><li>6-natural-oils balm formula</li></ul>
  • £11.99
    <ul><li>Anti-Aging Gel Cleanser</li><li>Removes make-up and impurities while gently exfoliating</li><li>Hydrates with Vitamin E to diminish signs of ageing</li></ul>
  • Offer
    <ul><li>Extremely soft synthetic hair and ergonomic handle</li><li>High-performance brushes that deliver airbrush results</li><li>Vegan and Cruelty Free</li><li>Instagram worthy</li></ul>
  • £6.49
    <ul><li>Salon Services Brow/Eyelash Groom Brush</li><li>Smooth brows and define eyelashes</li><li>Dual-ended brush</li><li>Control unruly brows</li></ul>
  • £5.95
    <ul><li>Salon Services Lip Brush</li><li>For the smooth application of lip colour</li><li>Tapered brush</li><li>Brush cap protects the bristles when not in use</li><li>Made from synthetic hair</li></ul>
  • Offer
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    <ul><li>Deep cleanses and hydrates the skin, removing dead skin, dirt and debris</li><li>Ideal for all skin types</li><li>Ergonomically designed to help reach all areas of the face</li><li>5 nozzle attachments for different areas.</li><li>Detachable water tank</li></ul>
  • £8.95
    <ul><li>A light cleanser for sensitive skin</li><li>Gently removes makeup and impurities</li><li>Provides anti inflammatory effects to soothe and calm the skin</li><li>Assists with cell repair and improves the skin s natural moisture barrier</li><li>No artificial colours or fragrances</li></ul>
  • £10.44
    <ul><li>A gentle cleanser for sensitive skin</li><li>With mallow flower and aloe vera</li><li>Rice grains lift dead skins cells without causing irritation</li><li>Anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory</li><li>Healing and soothing to the skin</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    <ul><li>Gently cleanses the skin removing all traces of make-up</li><li>Helps balance, tone and equalise oil and moisture levels</li><li>Natural healing for sensitive and delicate skin</li><li>Blended with Orange Blossom and Ginger extract</li><li>No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil</li></ul>
  • Offer
    <ul><li> Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin</li><li> Talc protects and exfoliates the skin</li><li> Vegetable glycerin moistures and softens the skin</li><li> Xanthan exfoliates the skin</li><li> Refreshes skin with a delicate fragrance</li></ul>
  • £36.00
    <ul><li> Suitable for all skin types</li><li> Cornflower extract soothes and decongests the skin while moisturising the outer layer of the epidermis</li><li> Quickly removes all traces of makeup</li><li> Gentle around the eyes</li><li> Vegan formula</li></ul>
  • £3.95
    <ul><li>Salon Services Angled Eyeliner Brush</li><li>Precise application</li><li>Precision-cut angled tip</li><li>Use with powder or liquid eyeliner</li><li>Perfect for eyelash tint application</li></ul>
  • £19.99
    <ul><li>Nourishing Mascara to reveal long, defined lashes</li><li>Powered by peptides, natural extracts, and nutrient-rich vitamins</li><li>Helps nourish, volumize and lengthen lashes</li><li>Smudge-proof</li><li>Easy to remove</li></ul>
  • £17.00
    <ul><li>Tweezerman Lash Curler</li><li>Sturdy metal construction</li><li>Smooth open/close mechanism</li><li>Silicone pad minimises lash creasing</li></ul>
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