• New
    Anti Bacterial Gel Power Hand Cleanser 200ml
    • Contains 65% Alcohol
    • No water, no rinse, no towels.
    • Kills germs within seconds.
    • Cleanses and freshens hands without soap.
    • Screw Crap Bottle
    Price: £5.99
    • Quick-drying
    • Stops infection
    • A salon essential
    Price: £10.50
    • Salon Services Hand Gel
    • Anti-Bacterial
    • Cleansing and refreshing
    • Kills germs in seconds
    • Container size 250ml
    Price: £4.89
    out of stock
  • Exclusive
    ASP Antiseptic Spray 120ml
    • ASP Antiseptic Spray
    • Prevents cross contamination and germs from spreading
    • Destroys staph aureusin in 30 seconds
    • Sanitises your work area
    • Disinfects implements
    Price: £5.89
    out of stock
    • Floral themed moisturising hand sanitizer
    • Slim container is not much bigger than a credit card
    • Fits easily in a pocket or handbag
    • Non sticky
    • Kills 99.99% of bacteria
    Price: £2.99
    out of stock
  • Exclusive
    Skintruth Pedicure Revitalising Spray 250ml
    • Treat sore, tired feet
    • Peppermint Oil fused with Aloe Vera
    • Will refresh and energise tired feet
    • Helps leave feet soothed and revitalised
    • No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    Price: £4.99
    • Mundo Nail Plate Cleanser 2l
    • Removes Contaminants
    • Cleans and sanitises
    • Dehydrates nail for better adhesion
    Price: £35.99
    • Mundo Powder Plus
    • High power disinfectant
    • Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal
    Price: £8.59
    out of stock
  • Exclusive
    Skintruth Pedicure Hygiene Spray 250ml
    • Blended with Essential Oils, plant extracts and Tea Tree Oil
    • Penetrates deep into the skin to condition and restore moisture
    • Helps sanitise and prepare the area for treatment
    • Contains more than 60% Alcohol
    • No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil
    Price: £4.99
    out of stock