• Exclusive
    Rusk Deepshine Colour Chart
    • Rusk Deepshine Colour Chart
    Price: £59.99
  • Exclusive
    Wunderbar Hair Color Cream Shade Chart
    • Shade Chart for Wunderbar permanent hair color cream
    • 125 shades/swatches
    • easy to follow grid with levels and tonalities
    • incl. colour manual with instructions for use
    Price: £29.99
    • Colour Chart for Lômé Paris Hair Colours
    • Colour tufts for all 100 shades
    • Covering all Lômé Paris colour families (incl. Highlift, Pastel, Mix & Contrast shades)
    • The perfect consultation tool for your salon
    Price: £29.99
  • Exclusive
    Kemon Compact Colour Chart
  • Exclusive
    Wunderbar Freestyle Color Shade Chart
    • Shade Chart for Wunderbar Freestyle Color (semi-permanent)
    Price: £12.49
    • Showcase the XP200 Natural Flair range
    • 65 Natural and Reflex shades
    • High quality hair swatches
    Price: £35.99