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    • Easily get rid of unwanted hair with the G.E.A.R Slant Tweezer
    • Hand-filed tip at a 25-degree angle grabs hair with precision
    • Made from stainless steel
    Price: £23.69
    • Perfect pocket tool, great for guys on the move
    • Contains every tool and essential for instant grooming
    • Complete with key chain for easy travelling
    • Made from premium quality, polished stainless steel
    Price: £23.59
    • Soften rough stubble for a smooth, irritation-free shave
    • High quality 100% badger hair
    • Creates, holds and distributes a rich lather
    • Helps soften and raise beard while gently exfoliating skin
    • Prepares the skin for a close, comfortable shave
    Price: £40.49
    • Point Tweezers from Tweezerman
    • With finely-tapered precision points
    • Sterilisable silver-coloured stainless steel
    Price: £22.00
    • Trim strays and neaten facial hair with precision
    • Rounded blade tip curves away from skin for safety
    • Suitable for facial, nose and ear hairs
    • Made from stainless steel
    Price: £22.49
    • Ergonomic "easy grip" nipper for trimming cuticles and hangnails with precision
    • Sharp, precise blades won t pull or tear skin - just squeeze and snip
    • Made from stainless steel
    Price: £15.40
    • Mini Slant Tweezers from Tweezerman
    • Award-winning design
    • Sterilisable stainless steel
    • With enamel finish in red, blue or pink
    • Please be aware that you will receive either red, blue or pink. Unfortunately, there is no way to choose.
    Price: £14.99
    • Tweezerman Lash Curler
    • Sturdy metal construction
    • Smooth open/close mechanism
    • Silicone pad minimises lash creasing
    Price: £17.99
    • Trim untidy nails for attractive hands
    • Get a precise cut every time, with sharp cutting edges for long-lasting use
    • Blades are curved for easy shaping of nails
    • Case catches clippings and slides open to remove for easy cleanup
    • Made from stainless steel
    Price: £15.40
    • Slant Tweezers from Tweezerman
    • Sterilisable stainless steel
    • Award-winning design
    • Neon pink
    Price: £23.69
    • Tweezerman optically correct 12x Magnifying Mirror
    • For up-close tweezering, lens insertion and applying makeup
    • With suction cups for stability
    • Edge to edge mirrored surface
    • Diameter 8.5cm
    Price: £15.98
    • Durable, heavy-duty blade has sharp straight edges to trim even tough toenails with precision
    • Cuts straight across to avoid splitting
    • Case catches clippings and slides open to remove for easy cleanup
    • Comfort grip
    • Made from stainless steel
    Price: £17.69
    out of stock
    • Clean up ragged, dirty nails
    • 3-in-1 tool keeps nails neat and clean
    • Combines cuticle pusher, convenient nail cleaner and nail file
    Price: £15.40
    out of stock
    • Sharp, straight blades cut and shape with precision
    • Micro-serrations keep hair from slipping
    • Complete with comb to keep you well groomed
    • Made from stainless steel
    Price: £22.49
    out of stock
    • Removes ingrown hairs and/or splinters
    • Long pointed precision tips remove anything embedded under the skin
    • Made from stainless steel
    Price: £22.49
    out of stock
    • Essential kit for all your grooming needs
    • Contains four must-have tools for today's man
    • Convenient storage pouch for home or travel
    • Includes tweezerette, facial hair scissors, fingernail clipper and multi-use nail tool
    Price: £37.79
    out of stock