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    Wildest Dreams Swatch Ring
    FREE Speaker
    • Wildest Dreams Swatch Ring
    • Pick the perfect colour
    • Match to the perfect extension
    Price: £23.19
    out of stock
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    American Pride Micro Bead Tub - Brown
    FREE Speaker
    • Contains 500 beads
    • Made from silicone to prevent slipping
    • Allows ring to lie flat to head
    • Virtually undetectable
    • Allow you to reuse feathers or hair
    Price: £13.60
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    FREE Speaker
    • Wildest Dreams Customising Kit
    • In brown
    • Easy to use kit
    • Customise any hair weft
    Price: £3.70
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    American Pride Micro Bead Crochet Hook
    FREE Speaker
    • Micro bead crochet hook
    • Specially designed for micro bead technique
    • Wooden handle steel needle
    • Easy to use
    • Light and durable
    Price: £2.75
    out of stock