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  • <ul><li>Ideal for shaving, cutting and texturising</li><li>Faster, easier and safer blade change</li><li>Comfort cut blade length 50mm</li><li>Includes 10 blades and attachable comb</li></ul>
  • New
    Tondeo Razor M-Line Sifter Inox 1124 + 10 Pack Blades, 1020 & 1040
    <ul><li>Classic stainless steel exterior</li><li>Removable attachment comb to minimize the risk of injury</li><li>Ideal for haircuts and shaving</li><li>Matching blades: 1040 TSS3 blades (10 pieces), half (10x2 pieces), 62 mm and 1020 TSS blades (10 pieces), half (10x2 pieces), 40 m</li></ul>
  • <ul><li>Professional comfort safe blades</li><li>For use with Tondeo Comfort Cut Razor</li><li>Blade length 50mm</li><li>Contains 10 per pack</li></ul>
  • New
    Tondeo Replacement Razor Blades M-Line TSS3 1040, Pack of 10
    <ul><li>Long blades for rational working wide meshes </li><li>10 whole blades, corresponds to 10x2 half blades </li><li>For the Tondeo Blazor and Sifter razors </li></ul>
  • <ul><li>Easy handling razor</li><li>Ideal for both cutting and shaving</li><li>Blade length 40mm</li><li>Includes 10 blades</li></ul>
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