• Eclipse Hair Filler
    • Black
    • Combats thinning areas and receding hair lines
    • Achieves thicker and fuller hair in less than 30 seconds
    • Easy to apply
    • Gives a natural-looking thickness and fullness
    Price: £14.99
    • Volumising curl enhancer
    • Promotes incredible shine and movement
    • Helps define and revitalise permed or naturally curly hair
    • Eliminates frizz
    • Fresh, fruity fragrance
    Price: £8.99
    • Defines and controls unruly curls
    • Long-lasting frizz-free finish
    • Enhance each individual curl, whether permed or natural
    • Promotes movement and bounce without stickiness
    Price: £8.99
    • Lightweight thickening crème
    • Adds instant volume and texture during the styling process
    • Non-sticky formula
    • Leaves hair with a full bodied, healthy finish
    Price: £7.99
    out of stock
    • Eclipse Fiber Locking Spray
    • Lock in your style
    • Naturally thicker and fuller head of hair
    Price: £6.99
    out of stock