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2AM London Gel X-Tend Starter Kit

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  • Enhance nails in under 60 minutes
  • Pre-buffed and pre-shaped gel tips
  • Soak off or infill with builder gel


Create Gel extensions in the same time it takes to do a set of simple overlays. How? Using our pre-shaped and pre-buffed tips. Not only are they made from soft gel they’re adhered with gel too and guess what, they soak off like gel as well. Simply choose your length and shape, pop it on and quick as a 30 second flash you’ve got an extension. It really is that super-fast and simple!

2AM London Gel X-Tend Starter kit contains:

  • Get a Grit 180/180 Grit Nail File X5 - Dual-sided medium/coarse file suitable for nail enhancements. Shape up and refine those beauties! Whether acrylic tips, builder gel or to file down the surface gel prior to a soak-off.
  • Gel X-Tend Bonder 12.5ml - Gel X-Tend bonder is the foundation to X-Tend nails in a flash. Flexible and durable, this unique formula has been designed to adhere the Gel X-Tend tips onto the natural nail.
  • Gel X-Tend Soft Gel Tips, Medium Almond, Clear - 120pcs - Gel X-Tend tips are specially formulated out of soft gel to allow for comfort and flexibility during wear time. Extremely lightweight, pre-buffed and pre-shaped, they only take a fraction of the time to create durable nail extensions. With up to 3-weeks wear, X-Tend tips can be infilled with builder and soaked off for removal.
  • Gel X-Tend Flash Cure LED Lamp - Gel X-Tend lamp, perfect for securing gel tip extensions in a flash. Once the X-Tend tips have been positioned on to the nail, the flash cure lamp is required to activate the X-Tend bond and secure. The X-Tend lamp will not completely cure the gel extensions therefore they should then be transferred to a full lamp to complete the application. Please refer to user guidelines.

Directions for Use

1. Gently push back the cuticles, ensure you include the side walls in your cuticle preparation.
2. Remove natural nail free edge with 180 file.
3. Gently prepare the natural nail surface with a 180/200 file and remove dust.
4. Swipe with nail prep solution or pure IPA to remove any dust and debris.
5. Select correct tip for each nail ensuring the tip fits from sidewall to sidewall.
6. Apply a thin layer of x-tend bonder to the natural nail and cure.
7. Apply a very thin slip/contact layer to the nail, do not cure.
8. Offload a small bead of X-Tend bonder into the cuticle area of the tip.
9. At a 45-degree angle from the cuticle area, apply gentle pressure and push down the tip until the gel fills the hollow tip area and there are no air bubbles or gel spilling out the sides.
10. Hold under the X-Tend lamp for 10 seconds to secure in place.
11. Transfer into full lamp for 10 secs.
12. Repeat for all fingers, then fully cure whole hand for 60 seconds.
13. Repeat on remaining hand.


Polyacrylic acid, Isobornyl acrylate, 2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyldiphenyl.

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