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    Introduction to Barbering Online Course
    <style>.availability-notavailable, .availability, .variation-list { max-width: inherit; display: none !important; }</style> Find out how much this profession has to offer and get to grips with the basics through a combination of online guided learning and live one-to-one webinar sessions with the Multi Award Winning Mike Taylor Education Team. <br> <br> <b>Top Features</b><br> The course begins with a live one-to-one 30 minute webinar session giving you a thorough understanding of the course content and how to work through the online learning portal to complete the following:<br><ul><li> Introduction to Barbering Theory Lesson </li> <li> 5 step by step guided haircuts on a manikin head (longer to shorter so you only need 1 manikin head) </li> <li> A live one-to-one 15 minute webinar session to check progress </li> <li> Once completed you will attend another live one-to-one 30 minute webinar where a final haircut on the manikin head will be assessed</li> </ul><br> <b>Key Learnings</b><br><ul> <li> Detailed introduction into the barbering trade </li> <li> Full understanding of holding and palming scissors, clipper work and the rules for cutting men’s hair </li> <li> Introduction to the following haircuts: One Length, Square long layers, Uniform layers, Short graduation, 5 point cut, Flat top and Crew cut </li> </ul> <br> <b>Additional Information</b><br><ul> <li> Students must be at least 16 years of age </li> <li> Students are required to work on a human hair training head throughout the course, no model required </li> <li> Students must ensure they have a suitable work surface to secure the training head to or a free standing tripod </li> <li> You will have 3 months to complete the course from the date of your first live webinar </li> <li> Students are required to have access to their own professional tool kit and purchase any additional items required, please select and purchase any items listed below that you do not have already. <b>PLEASE NOTE that some of the items may already be salon essentials so there is no need to purchase more if you already own them</b> </li> <li>Students also have the option to use the following on the webinar if they choose to, Salon Services Adjustable Manikin Tripod with Bag though this is not essential </li> <li> Course Accredited by The Great British Barbering Academy, Upon completion you will receive an accredited e-certificate </li> <li> PLEASE NOTE this course offers an introduction to barbering, further study would be required to gain employment in the industry </li> </ul>
    Price: £120.00