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You’ve seen the colourful capsules and bear-shaped gummies all over Instagram that promise the full and healthy hair you’ve always wanted. So, with so many different types available, are they really the miracle workers they promise to be or can you get the same results by simply switching up your shampoo and conditioner.

It’s time to discover everything you need to know about hair vitamins, including our brand new IvyBears Women’s Hair Vitamins, and how they can fit into your regular hair routine.

What are hair vitamins?

In a nutshell, a hair vitamin is the same as a multivitamin, but it’s designed to promote healthy hair rather than supplement the body. These gummies are packed with the nutrients and vitamins that are key for improving hair regrowth while giving it a healthy shine, strength and thickness. However, as an extra, they can also help with skin complexion and nail strength.

Why are hair vitamins good?

Everybody’s lives are jam-packed and so finding time to make sure you get all of the essential nutrients from a balanced diet can be difficult. Hair gummies can help you fill in the gaps, giving you vitamins and minerals you may be missing in your lifestyle. When you take them, they strengthen your hair while promoting healthy growth.

You’ll hear lots of talk about “vitamins” and “minerals”, but you might not know what each of them actually does. Let’s go through some of the key ingredients and show you how they can help in your regular hair routine.


This is one of the most well known vitamin B complexes responsible for healthy hair growth. It stimulates keratin production, which strengthens your hair, and leaves it looking and feeling thick and full of life.

Folic acid

Not just confined to your hair, folic acid is a key antioxidant for healthy cell growth and repair. It actually helps generate new cell growth, which encourages healthy hair formation, while adding extra shine.

Vitamin B12

Producing oxygen rich red blood cells is essential for hair growth, and this is where B12 comes in. However, it also provides a glossy shine to your hair, leaving it perfectly nourished.

Vitamin C

It’s very easy to think that vitamin C is just fruit juice, but it’s also a vital antioxidant for the hair. It helps to absorb iron in your body and removes free radicals, reducing the risk of hair loss and encouraging growth.


Now this has many benefits when it comes to boosting your immune system, and that is why it also helps to encourage hair growth alongside increased strength.

Who are hair vitamins for?

Hair vitamins are suitable for everyone, even if you already think that you have the perfect diet. Your body will always keep what it needs and just ignore what it doesn’t, so it’s the perfect daily boost. However, there are some people who will benefit more than others because of existing conditions that cause dull or brittle hair:

  • Stress (for example stress related alopecia)
  • Genetic conditions
  • Iron deficiency (which can lead to hair loss)
  • Medical procedures such as chemotherapy
  • Hormonal changes (for example postpartum hair loss)

If you want to get to the root of any of these serious issues then always talk to your doctor first.

It's time to discover the bestselling IvyBears

So, how can you get all of the benefits that we've talked about but in a super convenient way? It's time for you to fall in love with the bestselling IvyBears. These great little gummies have taken Europe by storm and, because it's their number one hair vitamin, we're now selling them exclusively at Sally Beauty. Taking on just two of these deliciously fruity and 100% vegan bear-shaped gummies a day means you’re getting the key vitamins to keep your hair strong, healthy and shining. Developed by some of the best beauty experts in Germany, and including the vital biotin, zinc and folic acid, it's time for you to start eating your way to healthy hair.

How long before I see the results?

Like any supplement, it takes time to see results, but the average is around three months. It may be earlier than that, depending on how fast your hair grows, but consistently following the recommended dosage is key. However, you need to maintain a good haircare routine while you’re taking the vitamins. Your existing hair won’t benefit from the gummies, only the new growth will, so you’ll need a reliable shampoo and conditioner.

If you want to upgrade your haircare routine while taking your hair vitamins, Lômé Paris offers affordable shampoos and conditioners that target a variety of issues including breakage, limpness and brittleness while offering a fantastic finish. We think it’s the perfect pairing, and you’ll be hooked when you see the amazing results.

Shop your healthy haircare routine with IvyBears

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