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    Daylight Company Uno Table Lamp
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    <ul><li>>28 high-quality bright daylight LEDs</li><li>Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels</li><li>Lamp brightness: 1,145 Lux at 30cm</li><li>1.5m length cable</li></ul>
    € 36,79 € 41,79
  • <ul><li>56 high-quality bright daylight LEDS-Provide accurate colour matching</li><li>Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels</li><li>Lamp brightness: 2,090 Lux at 30cm (12")</li><li>Cable length: 1.8m (68.9")</li></ul>
    € 62,69
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    Daylight Company Aura Ring Lamp
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    <ul><li>White light (6,000°K)</li><li>90+ CRI for perfect rendering of skin tones</li><li>LEDs that produce a softer, glare-free light </li><li>Continuous dimmer switch for a fully variable light intensity</li><li>Removable mobile phone holder with USB port</li></ul>
    € 172,99 € 202,99
  • New
    Daylight Smart Go Portable Task Lamp
    <ul><li>Lightweight and portable, ideal for mobile Beauticians and Nail Technicians</li><li>Daylight replication and 95+ CRI provides true colour matching and better contrast </li><li>Rechargable, up to 6 hours of light</li><li>3 step dimmer and auto shut-off when lamp is closed </li><li>Elegant, aesthetically pleasing, compact design </li></ul>
    € 41,79
  • <ul><li>Moves and holds the loops of protective face masks below the ears and hairline</li><li>Allows barrier and hassle-free haircuts and treatments</li><li>Easy to use, reusable, waterproof</li><li>Comfortable to wear during the whole salon visit - incl. Backwash</li><li>Made of non-sticky foam rubber</li></ul>
    € 7,00
  • <ul><li>Full length diffuser</li><li>Better spread of light diffusion</li><li>4 brightness levels on LED light</li></ul>
    € 167,19
  • <ul><li>Ultimate Teeth Whitening Set to instantly whiten and brighten teeth</li><li>Naturally absorbs plaque and reduces stains</li><li>Easy to use gel formula</li><li>100% natural, Fluoride-free, peppermint scented</li><li>With toothbrush, Charcoal Gel and Post Treatment Rinse to maximise whitening effect</li></ul>
    € 14,95
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    Limited Edition
    Homedics Ellia Adore Diffuser
    <ul><li>Colour-changing glow - Gentle glow creates a peaceful environment</li><li>Relaxing & uplifting sounds - Quiet your mind or boost energy</li><li>Convenient remote - Control functions from a distance</li><li>Runtime - Up to 6 hours continuous or 12 hours intermittent</li><li>Natural Materials - Consciously crafter from glass and wood</li></ul>
    € 69,99
  • <ul><li>Multi-storage holdall for hairdressing tools & products</li><li>Ideal for freelance hairdressing</li></ul>
    € 34,00
  • <ul><li>Get paid the way you want. Accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express card via contactless, Chip & PIN.</li><li>Also supports Apple Pay & Android Pay</li><li>Pay as you go at just 2.759% per transaction. No monthly fees, no fixed contract.</li><li>Rechargeable: Battery lasts for 500+ transactions, charges via USB (included)</li><li>Secure: Meets the highest security requirements (EMV & PCI certified)</li></ul>
    € 39,00
  • Exclusive
    S-PRO Ciara High Stem Make-Up Chair
    <ul><li>High stem chair for make-up application</li><li>Gas-lift height adjustment</li><li>Chrome disc base</li><li>Footrest for comfort and balance</li></ul>
    € 163,00
  • <ul><li>Basic Worktable finished of with black high gloss paint.</li><li>Original Sibel worktable</li><li>Light</li><li>Sustainable</li><li>Easy to essemble</li><li>L 37cm x W 32cm x H 76cm</li></ul>
    € 80,60
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  • <ul><li>Bright Daylight LEDs with 2 brightness levels</li><li>Adjustable spring arm holds any position</li><li>12.7cm glass lens</li><li>110cm long arm reach</li></ul>
    € 67,69
  • <ul><li>Large 17.5cm (7") glass lens</li><li>108cm long arm reach </li><li>Powerful daylight LEDs</li><li>2 brightness levels</li><li>3 dioptre (1.75X) magnification</li></ul>
    € 152,49
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  • <ul><li> Aluminium case</li><li>Rhinestone finish</li><li>Removable tray</li><li> Closure with lock and keys</li></ul>
    € 171,00
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  • <ul><li>Lightweight, compact and portable wireless lamp</li><li>Folds down to fit in your bag</li><li>Rechargeable for up to 10 hours of light</li><li>USB compatible</li><li>Continuous dimmer</li></ul>
    € 41,79
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  • Exclusive
    Salon Services Hair Trap
    <ul><li>Traps and collects waste hair</li><li>Prevents plug hole blockages</li><li>Vortex design catches all hair</li><li>Easy to remove and clean</li></ul>
    € 1,39
    out of stock