• € 8,00
    <ul><li>High quality, EU compliant, cosmetic grade glitters</li><li>Solvent resistant</li><li>Available in a variety of colour shades and effects</li><li>Simply mix with acrylics or gels, or apply onto tacky gel/nail polish to create stunning nail art</li><li>Amazing value 12g tubs</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 6,39
    <ul><li>Easy to apply!</li><li>Layer or mix shades for a variety of nail art effects</li><li>Small, light-weight packaging for portable for use on the go</li><li>No special tools needed - dip, sprinkle, or brush onto wet nail polish</li><li>You're in control. The fine glitter texture allows you to wear as sheer or opaque as desired.</li></ul>