• € 17,15
    <ul><li>Bed Head's new Troublemaker Dry Spray Wax with a powerful texturising formulation</li><li>Lightweight dry wax texturising spray</li><li>Spray through dry hair for texture and natural undone hairstyles</li><li>Wax spray locks in style with a soft, touchable finish</li><li>Great for styling medium to long hair</li></ul>
  • € 28,39
    <ul><li>Flexible texture wax spray</li><li>Creates bendable texture</li><li>Creates a satin finish and adds pliability</li><li>Easy to apply to all hair types and lengths</li><li>Light aerosol mist is non-oily to create pliable texture</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Craft Clay texturising Clay for medium and short hair</li><li>Natural hold that starts at the roots</li><li>Flexible hold with a matte finish</li><li>Infused with earth minerals to separate and restyle hair texture</li></ul>
  • € 20,05
    <ul><li>Wax spray with a satin-matte finish</li><li>For controlling and finishing </li><li> Adds body and dimension to hairstyles </li><li> Great for giving hair a tousled or beach wave look </li><li> Vegan formula* *no animal derived ingredients</li></ul>
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    € 14,70
    <ul><li>Strong hold</li><li>Remouldable </li><li>Provides hair grip and texture </li><li>Natural shine </li><li>Easy to apply and wash out</li></ul>
  • € 31,89
    <ul><li>Extreme texture</li><li>Creates bold texture and definition</li><li>Define and add texture</li><li>Strong enough for hair that's hard to control</li><li>Makes hair super shiny</li></ul>
  • € 20,05
    <ul><li>Matrix Over Achiever 3-in-1 wax</li><li> Spreads like a cream, texturises like a paste, holds like a wax </li><li> Easily reworkable </li><li> Provides texture, grip and lasting hold </li><li> For structuring and smoothing</li></ul>
  • € 13,00
    <ul><li>Clay based styler for textured matte control</li><li>Create thickness, separation and texture</li><li>Provides body and hold</li><li>Pliable, long-lasting styles</li><li>Achieve the ultimate 'just out of bed' look</li></ul>
  • € 17,15
    <ul><li>Bed Head's new Manipulator Matte Hair Wax with a long-lasting, firm hold formulation</li><li>Strong hold hair wax to paste format</li><li>For hair styling with long-lasting hold, control and definition</li><li>Gives hairstyles a soft, light, matte finish</li><li>Great for styling short to medium hair lengths</li></ul>
  • € 24,65
    <ul><li>Redken Brews Men's Wax Pomade delivers mild, flexible hold that remains reworkable throughout the day. </li><li>Easy to apply</li><li>ideal for creating polished</li><li>pompadour styles with a natural-looking shine.</li><li> reworkable throughout the day</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 14,29
    <ul><li>Versatile paste for unlimited styling options</li><li>Strong yet flexible hold</li><li>Soft, fibrous texture</li><li>Creates looks that can be transformed at any time</li><li>Slightly satin finish</li></ul>
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    € 26,00
    <ul><li>Quick dry forming wax</li><li>Hold 5/5 with low shine</li><li>Climate compensated</li><li>100% vegan and cruelty free</li><li>Sulphate and paraben free</li></ul>
  • € 26,29
    <ul><li>Dry Wax for texture and definition</li><li>Defines and controls any texture</li><li>Creates clean, "lived in" looks</li><li>Great for pliable style</li><li>Delivers long-lasting hold with a moveable finish</li></ul>
  • € 11,80
    <ul><li>Strong water soluble styling wax</li><li>Creates ultimate definition and tames flyaway hair</li><li>Conditions and replenishes</li><li>Delivers incredible shine</li><li>Firm long-lasting hold</li></ul>
  • € 14,15
    <ul><li>Extreme hold texture wax for natural expression</li><li>Supreme definition and control</li><li>Firm yet flexible hold</li><li>Matte look finish</li></ul>
  • € 11,80
    <ul><li>Fibre based gum for volume, control and shine</li><li>Creates glossy controlled styles</li><li>Enhances the hair's natural shine</li><li>Pliable, firm hold</li><li>Suitable for all hair types</li></ul>
  • € 23,25
    <ul><li>Naturally healing, stimulating and good for sensitive skin and scalp</li><li>Provides smoother texture with good application properties</li><li>Great conditioning for hair and scalp</li><li>Orange, peppermint, spearmint and lime oils soothe, refresh and cool</li><li>Natural fragrance</li></ul>
  • € 23,15
    <ul><li>Achieve dishevelled hair in an instant with Redken Styling - Rough Clay. </li><li>lexible hold and a matte finish</li><li>reate texture and definition for a true 'bed head' look</li><li>colour-safe formula, the clay also features uv filters </li><li>Protect your hair against environmental aggressors. </li></ul>