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    Salon System Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray 125ml
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    • Dry nails in 60 seconds
    • Apply after polish application
    • Contains vitamin E
    • No smudging
    Price: € 4,69
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    China Glaze Fast Freeze Quickdry Spray 59ml
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    • Quick-dry spray for nail polish from China Glaze
    • Easy to apply
    • For elegant nails without smudges
    • Touch-dry polish in seconds
    • Speeds up timings between coats
    Price: € 11,99
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    Beauty Narcotix The Ultimate Fix Breakthrough Nail Fixing Spray 50ml
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    • High-speed nail polish fixative from Beauty Narcotix
    • For chip-free, high-shine enamel nails
    • Apply at every stage, with every layer
    • Resilience against chips and marks
    • Oil and paraben-free
    Price: € 11,40
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    Nails Inc Pro Mani-Cures Drop & Go 8ml
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    • Rapid dry drops
    • For freshly painted nails
    • Dries nail polish in seconds
    • With Vitamin E for hydration and revitalising amazonian oil
    • Perfectly protects manicures against damage and chipping
    Price: € 12,00
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    ASP Wow it's Dry Super Fast Dry Drops
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    • Brand new quick-drying drops
    • Finish off your manicure in seconds
    • Extends the wear of polish
    • Strong, high-gloss shine
    • Just apply one drop to the final coat of polish
    Price: € 8,99
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