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    <ul><li>Infused with Peppermint & Tea Tree essential oils.</li><li>Contains 6 full-size products for a complete foot care experience.</li><li>Blends of essential oils and plant extracts including Aloe Vera help to soothe, cool and revitalise.</li><li>Leaves feet feeling refreshed, invigorated and moisturised. </li></ul>
  • € 11,80
    <ul><li>The L.C.P Professionnel Paris Mixing Bowl</li><li>Perfect soft bowl to mix LCP alginate masks</li><li>Holds 500ml</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Double sided replacement blades</li><li>Fits all types of callus shavers</li><li>To remove corns, calluses and dead skin</li><li>Pack of 10</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Infused with Orange Blossom & Rosemary.</li><li>Contains 5 full-size products for a truly professional manicure experience.</li><li>Provides the perfect balance of uplifting and restorative benefits along with a moisturising and protective base.</li><li>Designed to promote healthy hands and nails.</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>All in one eye solution to fight puffiness, fatigue, dry eyes, dark circles, fine lines</li><li>Specially designed multi-temperature surface covers the entire eye</li><li>Ergonomically rounded and concave shape prevents too much pressure on the eye</li><li>Warming or cooling sessions at optimal temperatures Enables deeper absorption of skincare products </li><li>Smart warming infuses ingredients dep below the skin surface </li></ul>
  • € 39,95
    <ul><li>Facial and body contours are left visibly lifted toned and renewed</li><li>Relived muscle tension and reduces puffiness through massaging face and body areas</li><li>Skin scan & personal routine guide powered by cutting-edge AI technology to ensure you get the most out of your device</li><li>SmartSonic pulsation technology that shakes loose dirt & residue</li><li>Smoothing & tightening skin massage to energise and brighten the skin</li></ul>
  • € 17,55
    <ul><li>Comfortable level of warmth on lashes</li><li>Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes</li><li>Smart battery low light</li><li>Colour-changing heated pad</li><li>Portable travel case</li></ul>
  • € 5,00
    <ul><li>Circular plastic solution bowl</li><li>For preparing face masks/bodywraps</li><li>Washable</li><li>Diameter 10cm</li></ul>
  • € 5,85
    <ul><li>Headband from Salon Services</li><li>Keeps hair away from face</li><li>Perfect for facial treatments</li><li>100% cotton</li></ul>
  • € 6,00
    <ul><li>Circular plastic solution bowl</li><li>For preparing face masks/bodywraps</li><li>Washable</li><li>Diameter 20cm</li></ul>
  • € 39,95
    <ul><li>Daily deep cleansing in just 30 seconds</li><li>Efficiently removes dirt, excess oil and makeup residue</li><li>Exfoliates your skin and unclogs pores to achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin Minimizes the appearance of blackheads</li><li>3-in1: Lifts, firms & tones the skin</li><li>Suitable for all skin types </li></ul>
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    <ul><li>All-in one solution for the ultimate spa experience that fits in your hand </li><li>Specially designed multi-temperature surface designed to fulfill the needs of your skin</li><li>Ergonomically shaped for ease of use </li><li>Warming or cooling sessions at optimal temperatures for radiant, heathy looking skin</li><li>Suitable for all skin types</li></ul>
  • € 39,95
    <ul><li>SmartSonic Pulsation Technology that gently massages, lifts, firms, and tones the skin</li><li>Builds collagen, repairs elastin & tightens your face</li><li> Increases circulation, eliminates toxins & eases facial tension</li><li>Built in shock protection system ensures a safe usage</li><li>3 Full Spectrum Lifting Modes Ultra-centre contouring & firming spheres</li><li>Long lasting rechargeable battery</li></ul>
  • € 4,75
    <ul><li>The L.C.P Professional Paris Measuring shaker</li><li>Used for peel-off mask or to mix other products</li><li>Holds 250ml</li></ul>
  • € 11,99
    <ul><li>The ultimate facial care tool that improves skin elasticity within seconds!</li><li>Made of Real Rose Quartz</li><li>Revives puffy eyes and helps to smooth and brighten </li><li>Promotes relaxation</li><li>Dual ended </li></ul>
  • € 8,99
    <ul><li>Waffle Eye Pillow</li><li>White in colour</li><li>For relaxing treatment</li><li>Mesh and terry cloth sides</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Discover an at-home spa experience and enhance your skincare routine with the Nano Facial Steamer as seen on The Gadget Show</li><li>Finer than regular steam, the nano sized steam particles penetrate deeper to open pores, deeply cleanse, hydrate, and enhance the absorption of skincare products</li><li>Adjustable steam nozzle and cosmetic mirror panel enables you to focus on specific areas, as well allowing for larger coverage</li><li>Compact and portable, with an easy-to-remove travel strap and detachable water tank</li><li>Suitable for all skin types</li></ul>
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    € 6,75
    <ul><li>Cotton mitts from Salon Services</li><li>For the removal of product from skin</li><li>Can be warmed for manicures or paraffin treatments</li><li>One size, one pair supplied</li><li>White cotton with thumb</li></ul>
  • € 3,89
    <ul><li>Towelling stretch headband</li><li>Many salon uses</li><li>Washable and reuseable</li><li>With adjustable fastening</li><li>In white</li></ul>
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    <ul><li>Large polythene sheets</li><li>Ideal for full body treatments</li><li>Use as couch protectors</li><li>Professional quality</li></ul>
  • € 4,39
    <ul><li>Waffle headband for salon use</li><li>For makeup application and removal</li><li>Keeps the hairline clean</li><li>Washable and reuseable</li><li>In white</li></ul>
  • € 5,66
    <ul><li>Drainer Mat</li><li>Keep floors clean and safe</li><li>For shower rooms and tanning booths</li></ul>
  • € 7,49
    <ul><li>Easy-to-use, natural-looking nipple concealers</li><li>Contains one pair, reusable up to ten times</li><li>Adhesive sticks to body and is easily removed</li><li>Prevents embarrassing fashion slip-ups</li><li>Made from natural feeling silicone</li></ul>
  • € 6,09
    <ul><li>Easy-to-use, clear, double-sided body tape</li><li>Contains 27 pieces in two different shapes</li><li>Specially formulated adhesive sticks to clothes and body</li><li>Prevents embarrassing fashion slip-ups</li><li>Hypoallergenic and waterproof</li></ul>
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    € 5,95
    <ul><li>Cotton mitts from Salon Services</li><li>For the removal of product from skin</li><li>Can be warmed for manicures or paraffin treatments</li><li>One size, one pair supplied</li><li>White cotton without thumb</li></ul>
  • € 3,23
    <ul><li>Plastic basin</li><li>For a range of uses</li><li>Fits round sinks</li><li>Water-tight</li></ul>