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New Arrivals

  • <ul><li>Permanent hair colour </li><li>Contains oils and extracts from certified organic farming</li><li>Vegan Certified</li><li>Up to 75% natural origin ingredients</li><li>Ammonia free</li></ul>
    Price: € 11,95
  • <ul><li>Innovative high quality pigments provide excellent coverage</li><li>Rosemary oil aids optimum coverage, shine and condition</li><li>Nine essential herbs preserve hairs natural beauty and health</li><li>Range includes 75 shades and 4 developers</li><li>Up to 100% grey coverage</li></ul>
    Price: € 12,25
  • <ul><li>Professional demi-permanent hair colour</li><li>Provides extraordinary softness and brilliance to hair</li><li>Dual action colouring system - long lasting, rich, intense results</li><li>Shine polymers create smooth, even, reflective transparent film</li><li>Up to 50% grey coverage</li><li>Range includes 32 shades and 2 specifically formulated developers</li></ul>
    Price: € 12,25
  • <ul><li>Micro colour pigment for better penetration</li><li>Up to 100% grey coverage and long lasting colour</li><li>Gentle formula with plant extracts and vitamin C</li><li>65 Natural and Reflex shades and 4 developers</li><li>Improved shade performance within the super lightener range giving up to 4.5 levels of lift</li></ul>
    Price: € 12,25
  • <ul><li>A zero-damage hair colour depositing mask to help you maintain or transform your colour with ease </li><li> Designed for weekly use- results visible within 10 minutes!</li><li>Fragrance free, enriched with Argan oil and free from silicones and animal-derived ingredients </li><li> A conditioning formula designed for easy application resulting in smooth and moisturised hair </li></ul>
    Price: € 17,95
  • <ul><li>NEW Koleston Perfect Professional permanent colour</li><li>Unique technology for the ultimate salon experience - better colour, condition and ingredients</li><li>Even, pure colour results with natural depth and shine</li><li>Significantly reduces hair damage, colour after colour</li><li>Up to 100% grey coverage and up to 3 levels of lift</li></ul>
    Price: € 17,50
  • <ul><li>Acidic demi-permanent with no ammonia and balanced pH for reliable even color</li><li>Contains wheat amino acids for mirror-like shine and condition; it’s like a lip-gloss for your client’s hair!</li><li>Gloss, tone, refresh, correct or blend grays in 20 minutes.</li><li>No lift</li><li>Mix of direct and oxidative dyes for a sheer result</li></ul>
    Price: € 19,50
  • <ul><li>Colour Fresh from Wella Professionals</li><li>Hydrating complex</li><li>Get fabulous shine</li><li>Semi-permanent hair colour</li><li>Light Pearl Ash Blonde 8/81</li></ul>
    Price: € 15,25
  • <ul><li>Brand new Mocca and Copper shade range</li><li>Micro colour pigment for better penetration</li><li>Up to 100% grey coverage and long lasting colour</li><li>Gentle formula with plant extracts and vitamin C</li><li>65 Natural and Reflex shades and 4 developers</li></ul>
    Price: € 12,25
  • Exclusive
    XP100 Intense Radiance Permanent Hair Colour, MIX Copper 100ml
    <ul><li>The XP100 Intense Radiance Mix shades are true multi-talents and can be used for a whole range of colour applications including: correcting, boosting & to create fashion shades.</li><li>Innovative high quality pigments</li><li>Rosemary oil aids optimum coverage, shine and condition</li><li>Nine essential herbs preserve hairs natural beauty and health</li></ul>
    Price: € 11,89
  • New
    Matrix Color Sync Pre-Bonded Tone-on-Tone Semi-Permanent Hair Colour - 5NJ
    <ul><li>All Matrix SoColor Sync formulas are blended with Bond-Protecting Concentrate, which protects the inner hair structure. So you can maintain the integrity of the hair, colour after colour</li><li>Low Ammonia tone on tone technology</li><li>Matrix Neutrals, Permanent and tone on tone oxidative dyes are perfectly matched. So you can achieve seamless, root-to-tip colour, that lasts and fades on tone</li><li>Matrix Neutrals which are part of the SoColor Sync family, are tone on tone semi-permenant hair colours </li><li>Each tube of Matrix Neutrals colour is 90ml meaning on average, you get 2 applications in every tube</li></ul>
    Price: € 13,95
  • <ul><li>Crazy Color semi-permanent hair colour</li><li>Available in 25 shades</li><li>For on-trend looks</li><li>Pioneering range with impact</li><li>Hot Purple supplied</li></ul>
    Price: € 7,20
  • Offer
    Colour Undo Hair Colour Remover, Single Application Kit
    BUY 2 SAVE 20%
    <ul><li>Removes all permanent & semi-permanent colour safely with ease</li><li>Free from bleach & ammonia - Does not lift natural depth or tone virgin hair</li><li>Enables you to re-colour on the same day</li><li>Includes Argan oil to help improve your hair’s condition, prevent fly-aways & improve texture</li><li>Single application kit</li></ul>
    Price: € 18,00
  • Offer
    Wella Professionals Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Bleach 400g
    <ul><li>Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Bleach from Wella Professionals</li><li>With Tri-Lightening Complex</li><li>Up to seven levels of lift</li><li>Non-yellowing, blue bleach formula</li></ul>
    Price: € 29,95
  • <ul><li>compact range of 11 intense and light shades + 1 clear tone</li><li>all shades can be inter-mixed to create an infinity of colors</li><li>with acidic pH</li><li>care agents condition and moisturize the hair during coloration</li><li>high-performance direct acting color pigments guarantee brilliant color results</li></ul>
    Price: € 13,65
    <ul><li>extensive permanent color range with 100% white coverage</li><li>Shade-specific gentle ammonia concentration</li><li>Selected color molecules & composition generate very brilliant color</li><li>Care agents regenerate hair and protect cuticle during coloration process</li><li>No irritation, no dropping, reduction of scalp coloring, optimum durability</li></ul>
    Price: € 13,99
    <ul><li>Enriched with 3 protective & conditioning ingredients: glycerin, pro-vitamin B5, wheat protein.</li><li>Ultra-radiant highlights of extraordinary intensity & brilliance</li><li>Intense highlift without prior bleaching (lifting up to 4.5 levels)</li><li>Long-lasting colour results at optimal hair condition</li></ul>
    Price: € 14,99
  • <ul><li>Oxycream for hair colouring and bleaching</li><li>Suitable for all tints and powder bleaches</li><li>Non-drip application</li><li>Available in a range of volumes</li></ul>
    Price: € 7,25
  • Exclusive
    Salon Services Tint Kit
    <ul><li>Tint Kit from Salon Services</li><li>Everything you need for tinting</li><li>For preparing and applying hair colours</li><li>Includes bowl, brush and beaker</li></ul>
    Price: € 11,25
  • Exclusive
    S-PRO Bleach Powder BLUE 500g
    <ul><li>Blue Powder Bleach</li><li>Non-drying, non-flaking, dust-free</li><li>For all off-the-scalp bleaching techniques</li><li>Fast, extra-light results</li><li>Gently maintains hair condition</li></ul>
    Price: € 24,85
  • <ul><li>Low maintenance, virtually invisible root re-growth</li><li>Vibrant demi-permanent hair colour</li><li>Up to 50% grey coverage</li><li>Lasts up to 24 shampoos</li><li>High shine for stunning high fashion results</li></ul>
    Price: € 15,50
  • <ul><li> Color Sync is our unique ammonia-free tone-on-tone colour.</li><li>Its Cera-Oil Priming Complex helps balance porosity to even out the hair’s surface. </li><li>The even canvas leads to seamless colour, brilliant shine and great condition.</li></ul>
    Price: € 14,25
  • <ul><li>Rich, permanent hair colour</li><li>Provides perfect coverage of grey hair</li><li>Wide palette of rich tones and shades</li><li>Enriched with Ionéne G and Incell</li><li>Helps strengthen and reinforce the hair fibre</li></ul>
    Price: € 17,25
  • <ul><li>Color Sync is our unique ammonia-free tone-on-tone colour</li><li>Its Cera-Oil Priming Complex helps balance porosity to even out the hair’s surface</li><li>The even canvas leads to seamless colour, brilliant shine and great condition</li></ul>
    Price: € 14,25
  • <ul><li>Lasts up to 20 washes</li><li>Vivid dye technology ensures strong and shiny results</li><li>Cera-Oil Priming Complex that improves smoothness and reinforces the hair's structure</li><li>Create dynamic effects even on darker hair from level 5 and up</li></ul>
    Price: € 13,00
  • Exclusive
    XP100 Tint Brush
    <ul><li>Easy application of colour</li><li>Ideal for bleaching, perming and hair painting</li><li>Straight bristles ideal for even distribution on foiling techniques</li></ul>
    Price: € 3,45
  • <ul><li>Micro pure pigment technology for deep colour penetration</li><li>Advance marine therapy for improved condition and shine</li><li>Colours are inter-mixable for unlimited results</li><li>Up to 100% grey coverage</li><li>Standard mixing ratio 1:1 1/2</li></ul>
    Price: € 14,35
  • <ul><li>Formulated for XP100 Intense Radiance permanent colour</li><li>Created for easier preparation and application</li><li>High performance developer for colour and bleaching</li><li>Creamy consistency makes colour easy to mix</li><li>Provides conditioning antistatic effect to hair</li><li>Aids in the preservation of soft and shiny hair</li></ul>
    Price: € 11,89
  • New
    S-PRO 100ml Beaker
    <ul><li>Measures in millilitres and fluid ounces</li><li>Ideal for measureing small amounts of liquid product</li><li>100ml measuring capacity</li></ul>
    Price: € 3,00
  • <ul><li>Sibel Eco Tint Bowl</li><li>black</li><li>anti-slip bottom</li><ul>
    Price: € 4,00
  • <ul><li>Core Tint Bowl</li><li>In black</li><li>Mix colours and tones</li><li>Essential for mixing and applying products</li><li>Create great shades and styles</li></ul>
    Price: € 2,19
  • New
    Olaplex No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask 100ml
    <ul><li>Olaplex 8 is a highly concentrated reparative 4 in 1 mask which adds shine & body with intense moisture to treat & smooth damaged hair.</li><li>Highly concentrated and infused with Olaplex's patented bond building technology, no.8's lightweight formula absorbs into the hair to treat damage without weighing it down.</li><li>Clinical results and consumer testing reported 2 x more shine, 4 x more moisture, 6 x smoothness & 94% more body.</li><li>Provides residual benefits that last multiple shampoos.</li><li>Made without sulphates, phthalates, parabens, or gluten. Vegan and colour-safe.</li><li>Brand new airless pump to ensure measured dosing!</li></ul>
    Price: € 27,50
  • <ul><li>Olaplex patented technology that finds and re-links broken disulphide bonds in the hair</li><li>Helps to increase moisture levels</li><li>Helps to enhance shine</li><li>Colour safe and helps to maintain high quality colour</li><li>Vegan friendly and cruelty free.</li></ul>
    Price: € 27,50
  • <ul><li>Specifically reformulated to achieve the most accurate colour results</li><li>Optimal consistency with new Koleston Perfect</li><li>Easier and faster mixing</li><li>Precise application & great foil adhesion</li><li>Easy rinsing for a comfortable client experience</li></ul>
    Price: € 17,10