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    € 12,35
    <ul><li>A professional nail polish remover for the fast, easy removal of nail polish from natural nails</li><li>A high-strength 100% pure Acetone, suitable for the removal of artificial or gel nails</li><li>A Beauty and Nail Salon staple and an essential nail care product for achieving a professional manicure</li><li>Available in convenient 125ml, 500ml or 1L bottles to suit you or your beauty or nail salon's needs so you'll never run out</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 10,85
    <ul><li>Salon Services Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover</li><li>Gentle removal solution</li><li>For artifical and natural nails</li><li>A 1l container</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 11,59
    <ul><li>Quickly removes all types of gel and nail polish</li><li>Removes artificial nails</li><li>Ideal size for salon use</li><li>No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil</li></ul>
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    € 6,09
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    <ul><li>Cleansing treatment for nails</li><li>Part of the Red Carpet Manicure range</li><li>Strips away every trace of your Red Carpet Manicure</li><li>Removal in just 10-15 minutes</li><li>Enriched with conditioning additives</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 6,19
    <ul><li>Gently and effectively removes nail ploish</li><li>Especially formulated to be safe and effective on all types of nails</li><li>Gentle on natural nails</li><li>No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 18,35
    <ul><li>Signature Conditioning Soak Off Solution from ASP</li><li>For the removal of ASP Gel Polishes</li><li>Protects nail plate and skin Enriched moisturising formula</li><li>Bottle size 236ml</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 8,45
    <ul><li>Designed for use on both natural and artificial nails</li><li>Helps remove nail polish quickly and easily</li><li>Removes even the most stubborn of colours</li><li>No parabens, sulphates or mineral oil</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 16,15
    <ul><li>ASP Soak Off Gel Remover Tool</li><li>Ideal for under nails and during pedicures</li><li>Precision crafted stainless steel</li><li>Sanitisable</li></ul>
  • € 31,95
    <ul><li>Gel foil wraps from Magis</li><li>For soaking off gel polishes</li><li>Built-in hem</li><li>Tested by nail technicians</li><li>Pack of 500</li></ul>
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    € 14,25
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    <ul><li>Nail remover for gel nails from Gelish</li><li>Part of the Soak-Off Nail Polish range</li><li>Removes gel polishes in under 10 minutes</li><li>With conditioning additives to prevent drying out</li><li>For clear and healthy-looking nails</li></ul>
  • € 17,60
    <ul><li>Nail Corrector Pen</li><li>Refillable</li><li>Corrects and cleans ups nails</li><li>Contains OPI polish remover</li><li>Comes with two tips</li></ul>
  • € 16,25
    <ul><li>Soak Off Kit from Magis</li><li>With 50 ready-made wraps, remover and cuticle stick</li><li>Quick and easy to use</li><li>Everything you need in one place</li></ul>
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    € 36,75
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    <ul><li>Fast removal fluid from Gelish</li><li>For soak-off gels, artificial nails and tips</li><li>Results in under 10 minutes</li><li>For salon use</li></ul>
  • € 12,45
    <ul><li>Nail polish remover from OPI</li><li>With aloe vera</li><li>Acetone-free formula</li><li>Non-drying</li><li>Safe to use on natural and artificial nails</li></ul>
  • € 20,75
    <ul><li>Nails Inc SOS Corrector Pen</li><li>Repair nail emergencies on-the-go</li><li>Fix nail polish mishaps and broken nails</li><li>Cuticle pushing cap</li></ul>