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    € 7,09
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    <ul><li>Strong and durable paper strips </li><li>Can be cut to suit different body areas</li><li>Suitable for facial and body waxing</li><li>Disposable waxing strips</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 4,49
    <ul><li>Suitable for waxing large areas including the legs and arms</li><li>Round ends guarantee fast and smooth waxing application</li><li>Works well with warm and hot wax</li><li>Disposable wooden spatulas</li></ul>
  • € 7,15
    <ul><li>Salon System Just Wax Paper Waxing Strips</li><li>Pack of 100</li><li>Used with strip wax</li><li>Disposable</li><li>Used with soft, creme and gel waxes</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 2,79
    <ul><li>Suitable for waxing small areas including eyebrows and upper lip</li><li>Ultra-thin end for waxing short and hard to reach hairs</li><li>Pack of 200 is excellent value for money</li><li>Disposable wooden spatulas</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 8,19
    <ul><li>Made from 100% durable cotton</li><li>Suitable for waxing the face and body</li><li>Easily grips onto hard to reach hairs</li><li>Disposable waxing strips</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 4,29
    <ul><li>High quality mini disposable waxing strips</li><li>Strong and durable</li><li>Ensures a clean waxing treatment</li><li>Ideal for facial, bikini and underarm waxing</li></ul>
  • Exclusive
    € 4,15
    <ul><li>Ideal for the application of depilatory product, particularly on smaller areas</li><li>Perfect for use on the upper lip and eyebrows</li><li>Flexible and manageable</li><li>Each spatula: 140mm x 6mm </li><li>Disposable wooden spatulas</li></ul>
  • Limited Edition
    € 15,50
    <ul><li>Fresh Watermelon Scent</li><li>Low working temperature for client comfort</li><li>Suitable for every hair and skin type</li><li>Perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas</li></ul>
  • € 11,18
    <ul><li>Parissa wax strips legs and body</li><li>16 applications</li><li>Ideal for beginners, touch-ups and travel</li><li>Heating not required</li><li>Remove hair quickly and easily</li></ul>