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    Eclipse Hair Filler Medium Brown 14g
    3 FOR 2
    <ul><li>Eclipse Hair Filler</li><li>Medium brown</li><li>Combats thinning areas and receding hair lines</li><li>Achieves thicker and fuller hair in less than 30 seconds</li><li>Easy to apply</li><li>Gives a natural-looking thickness and fullness</li></ul>
    € 17,59
  • <ul><li>For Natural Hair</li><li>Helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues</li><li>Treats the scalp and hair</li></ul>
    € 18,50
  • <ul><li>Gently cleanses and cares for the most delicate lightened and coloured hair </li><li>Helps to neutralise yellow undertones without changing the hair colour</li><li>Delivers targeted levels of cool pigments to maintain the tone direction, with improved blonde clarity </li><li>Leaves the hair feeling soft and silky</li><li> For all hair types </li></ul>
    € 18,01
  • <ul><li>A leave-in treatment proven to promote hair density by reducing hair fall* associated with scalp oxidation.</li><li>Leave-in treatment to reduce hair fall</li><li>Improves hair density</li><li>Reduces hair fall associated with scalp surface oxidation</li><li>NIOXYDINE24 technology</li></ul>
    € 69,00
  • <ul><li>3D Intensive Care</li><li>Diameter-Boosting treatment that increases the thickness of each hair strand</li><li>Achieve fuller looking hair</li><li>
    € 46,00
  • <ul><li>3D Intensive Care</li><li>Density-Protecttreatment</li><li>Leaves hair conditioned, manageable and smooth.</li><li>Contains lightweight conditioning agents</li><li>Strengthens the hair against damage</li></ul>
    € 23,00
  • <ul><li>For Natural Hair</li><li>Deliversthicker and fuller hair</li><li>Protects every hair strand against damage</li><li>Contains UV protection ingredients</li><li>Activ-Renewal</li></ul>
    € 31,00
  • <ul><li>For Natural Hair</li><li>Formulated to amplify texture and protect hair against breakage</li><li>Refreshing the scalp and delivering thicker, fuller hair</li><li>Technologies: Activ-Renewal</li></ul>
    € 31,00
  • <ul><li>Salon exclusive</li><li>30 years of research</li><li>90% success rate in survey of 3,000 users</li><li>Natural, drug free, safe, effective</li><li>Helps maintain healthy hair growth</li></ul>
    € 53,00
  • <ul><li>Density Defend is a lightweight leave-on strengthening foam for colored hair.</li><li>Lightweight leave-on strengthening foam for coloured hair</li><li>Significantly reduces hair breakage</li><li>Improves the vibrancy of hair colour</li></ul>
    € 35,00
  • <ul><li>Leave-on intensive treatment for thinning and fragile hair</li><li>Formula with KeraPro Complex</li><li>Conditions hair & leaves protective barrier against cuticle damage</li><li>Specially formulated for receding hairline or low-density crown</li><li>Designed for areas of low density and advanced thin-looking hair</li></ul>
    € 69,99
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  • <ul><li>For Chemically Treated Hair (Bleached, Permed, Straightened)</li><li>Deliversthicker and fuller hair</li><li>Removes follicle clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues</li><li>Provides moisture balance and colour protection</li><li>Pro-Color Shield Smooth Plex Transactive Delivery System 2.0</li></ul>
    € 31,00
  • <ul><li>For Coloured Hair</li><li>Deliversthicker and fuller hair</li><li>Removes follicle clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues</li><li>Provides moisture balance and colour protection</li><li>Contains UV protection ingredients</li></ul>
    € 31,00
  • <ul><li>For Coloured Hair</li><li>Formulated to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues</li><li>Amplifyies hair texture</li><li>Provides moisture balance and colour protection</li><li>Pro-Color Shield</li></ul>
    € 31,00
  • <ul><li>Lightweight thickening crème</li><li>Adds instant volume and texture during the styling process</li><li>Non-sticky formula</li><li>Leaves hair with a full bodied, healthy finish</li></ul>
    € 8,99
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    Eclipse Fiber Locking Spray 118ml
    3 FOR 2
    <ul><li>Eclipse Fiber Locking Spray</li><li>Lock in your style</li><li>Naturally thicker and fuller head of hair</li></ul>
    € 7,25
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    Paul Mitchell Extra Body Thicken Up Styling Liquid 200ml
    3 FOR 2
    <ul><li>Styling liquid that makes thin strands look and feel thicker</li><li>Adds shine, definition and soft memory</li><li>Creates body and definition</li><li>Shields hair from damaging UV rays</li><li>Ideal for fine hair and can be used on wet or dry hair</li></ul>
    € 22,00
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