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All hair colours need maintenance of some kind, for blondes it’s the constant battle of keeping the brassiness at bay. Previously ashy cool toned blondes can start to look yellow when the toners applied in salon start to fade. To bring your blonde back to bright you need to deposit some gentle pigments back into the hair, with a blue or purple shampoo, to neutralise the warm tone.

There are lots of purple shampoos and blue shampoos on the market, let’s look at the differences between them to help you find the best one for you and our pick of the best ones on the market. If you’re wondering “what’s the best purple shampoo” or “how often should I use blue shampoo?” we’re here to help.

What does purple shampoo do?

A purple shampoo is exactly how it sounds: a shampoo containing purple pigments. To get scientific, purple and blonde land on the opposite sides of the colour spectrum, meaning the pigments will tone and neutralise the yellows that appear over time from heat-styling and sun exposure. As well as fighting brassiness, some purple shampoos are also formulated to strengthen the hair fibers, leaving your blonde looking and feeling like you’ve just stepped out of a salon.

Who can use purple shampoo?

Anyone with natural or lightened hair who struggles with brassiness or damage can use purple shampoo. However, hair that’s been lifted to blonde with bleach will benefit from purple shampoos the most. This is because the bleach your hairdresser uses strips your natural colour, causing it to become more vulnerable to breakage and dullness. While high street purple shampoos are often very harsh on your hair, the purple shampoos used by your hairdressers are designed to also condition your blonde, leaving it looking bright and feeling silky smooth after your salon appointment.

Which products will maintain blonde hair?

Vegan Favourite: Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo

Add a natural touch to your haircare routine with the Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo. 100% vegan and PETA approved, it contains a soothing sulphate-free blend of blackberry extracts and violet pigments to neutralise unwanted yellows. Bringing brilliance back to your blonde, it adds an extra layer of protection against the harsh effects of UV rays, colour treatment and heat styling using the Maria Nila exclusive Colour Guard Complex.

Here’s a top tip from Olivia in our Camberley store team: “I always recommend this to clients with tape extensions because it’s sulphate free. It’s the sulphates that break down the glue in the tapes and loosen the extensions.”

Affordable Favourite: Lômé Paris Blonde Shampoo

The Lômé Paris Blonde Shampoo will keep your blonde brilliant throughout the day. The secret behind its gentle formula is a strengthening blend of violet micropigments, keratin, hyaluron and safflower oil specially designed to cleanse your hair while neutralising those unwanted yellows. Perfect as an everyday purple shampoo, Lômé Paris adds professional touch to your blonde routine at an affordable price.

Conditioning Favourite: Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo

Unlike high street purple shampoos that can be drying, the Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning shampoo uses the brand’s patented bond-building technology to moisturise and repair the most damaged blondes. As you lather its concentrated formula, the ultraviolet pigments neutralise and tone those unwanted yellows, leaving your blonde up to three times brighter than other purple shampoos on the market. Fully customisable to suit your routine, Olaplex No.4P is the one-stop solution to your blonde haircare concerns.

Shop these purple shampoos for brilliant blondes

What does blue shampoo do?

Just like purple shampoos, blue shampoos are formulated to fight brassiness. The difference is the blue pigments neutralise unwanted oranges, red and copper tones that appear over time in lightened and highlighted brunette hair. It leaves your hair with a cool and icy tone, adding a radiant finish that lasts.

Who can use blue shampoo?

If you’re after an icy brunette shade, blue shampoos will be a perfect addition to your haircare routine. What makes blue shampoos a great choice is they can be used on brown hair that has been lightened with a variety of techniques including:

• Ombre
• Balayage
• Highlights
• Microlights

Natural brunettes will also benefit from blue shampoos to keep hair looking strong and shiny, but you should remember to only use them once every few weeks.

Which products will maintain blonde hair?

Vegan Favourite: Osmo Super Cool Zero Orange Shampoo

The Osmo Super Cool Zero Orange Shampoo only uses vegan ingredients to give your brunette a kind haircare experience. The deep blue pigments in its concentrated formula remove reds and coppers, revitalising your icy brunette with lasting radiance. Adding shine and strength, it’s a perfect choice for treating natural and lightened brunettes including ombre and balayage.

Affordable Favourite: Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo

The Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo will banish those unwanted oranges in your luscious brunette and reveal the cool tones hiding beneath. It uses a soft blend of vitamin oil and colour depositing blue pigments to effortlessly neutralise brassy tones, offering up to ten times less breakage for a strong and bright finish.

Conditioning Favourite: L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Chroma Crème Blue Shampoo

Treat your brunette to a professional quality at-home toning with the L’Oreal Profesionnel Serie Expert Chroma Crème Blue Shampoo. As you lather its creamy formula, the ultra-deep blue pigments and L’Oréal exclusive care agents instantly neutralise unwanted oranges and intensely nourish your brunette without weighing it down. Strengthening the weakest strands, it leaves your brunette feeling so soft and silky that you don’t need to condition afterwards.

Give your haircare routine a touch of blue

How do I use purple and blue shampoo?

It’s so easy to use purple and blue shampoos and they fit seamlessly into your haircare routine. To get the most even results, we recommend applying them like a hair mask: Divide your damp hair into sections and gently massage the shampoo from roots to ends until it creates a rich foam. Leave your shampoo it in for the recommended time before rinsing out thoroughly. As purple and blue shampoos are heavily pigmented, our top tip is to wear gloves to avoid staining.

How long should I leave purple and blue shampoo in my hair?

The amount of time to leave your shampoo in depends on your hair’s condition and desired intensity, but the average time is between two to three minutes. However, you can leave it in for a maximum five minutes if you want to deposit more pigment.

How do I get purple and blue shampoo out of my hair?

Purple and blue shampoos wash out just like your regular shampoo! To avoid leaving any colour deposit in your hair, our tip is to check that the water fades from purple/blue to clear as you wash it out.

How often should I use purple and blue shampoo?

The frequency you use your purple or blue shampoo depends on person to person, but as a general rule you only need to use them once a week alongside your regular shampoo and conditioner. If you want your hair to have a more intense finish, up your usage to every other wash in the week.

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