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  • <ul><li>Lithium-ion battery provides maximum power.</li><li>Delivers over 1 hour of runtime on a single charge - 2x longer than other shavers</li><li>Lightweight - less than 5 ounces.</li><li>Powerful and quiet rotary motor.</li><li>Gold titanium hypo-allergenic foil for irritation-free shaving.</li></ul>
    Price: € 130,65
  • <ul><li>Lithium-Ion powered battery for robust and long-lasting power</li> <li>Features up to 2 hours of run time and charges in 90 minutes or less</li> <li>Weighs less than 10 oz, perfect for all day, ergonomic use that won’t weigh you down</li> <li>Cord/Cordless operation for reliable power to last you all day long</li> <li>High-speed 5-position adjustable blade (0000 to 1)</li></ul>
    Price: € 287,87
  • <ul><li>Balanced, ergonomic trimmer for outlining, designing and dry shaving</li><li>Sleek, lightweight, cord/cordless design for greater flexibility</li><li>Improved motor for increased speed, power and life</li><li>Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 2 hours of run time on a single charge</li><li>Equipped with close-cutting T-blade (may be zero-gapped)</li></ul>
    Price: € 129,91
  • <ul><li>Magnetic motor trimmer for outlining, dry shaving and fading</li><li>Close-cutting, carbon-steel T-blade for detailing</li><li>Powerful, high-speed motor runs quiet</li><li>Contoured housing fits comfortably in your hand</li><li>Made in USA</li></ul>
    Price: € 141,95
    out of stock
  • <ul><li>Rotary motor power</li><li>For all-around outlining, dry shaving and fading.</li><li>Detachable blades for easy changing and cleaning</li><li>Multiple attachment options, including titanium foil shaver head</li><li>Made in USA</li></ul>
    Price: € 146,49
    out of stock
  • <ul><li>For use with the Andis Profoil® Lithium Shaver</li><li>Gold titanium hypo-allergenic foils for irritation free shaving</li><li>Perfect for finishing fades and removing stubble for an ultra-close smooth shave.</li></ul>
    Price: € 23,85
    out of stock
  • Last Chance
    Andis Cordless Us Li Clipper
    <ul><li>Lithium-Ion powered battery for robust and long-lasting power</li><li>Up to 2 hours of run time and charges in 90 minutes or less</li><li>Perfect for all day, ergonomic use that won't weigh you down</li><li>High-speed adjustable blade (000 to 1); can be zero gapped</li><li>Made in USA</li></ul>
    Price: € 110,00 € 135,00
    out of stock