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    • Hi Brow Powder Refill
    • Single powder pan
    • A cost-effective solution
    • Quality powder
    Price: € 10,98
    • Professional quality thread from La La Lashes
    • Smooth and strong with a silky texture
    • Bright and visible for ease of use
    • Perfect for threading brows and other areas of the face
    • A firm salon favourite
    Price: € 9,99
    • Small sponge applicators for cosmetic use
    • Disposable for salon hygiene
    • A pack of 25 supplied
    • Clean and soft for delicate areas
    • From La La Lashes
    Price: € 6,49
    • A salon standard brow pen used by beauty professionals
    • Aids the mapping of brows for precise threading and waxing
    • Can also be used to fill and define the brow
    • Patented nib creates a clean and controlled line?br> From the popular La La Lashes brand
    Price: € 12,99
    • Colour and shape brows for definition
    • Professional results
    • With stay-put, lasting powder and highlighter
    • Duo brush and three flexible stencils
    • Stylish compact design
    Price: € 34,99
    • A calming and refreshing
    • Use with Hi Brow Rose Cleanser
    • Ideal for calming the skin
    • Easy to use and quickly absorbed
    • Pleasant rose fragrance
    Price: € 13,99
    out of stock
    • A light, gentle cream for eye and brow areas
    • For pre-wax cleansing and post-wax relief
    • Reduces reddening caused by threading or waxing
    • Removes all traces of makeup and oil
    • Pleasant rose fragrance
    Price: € 13,99
    out of stock
    • Professional scissors for eyebrow trimming
    • Fine point, curved matt silver design
    • Stainless steel for easy sterilisation
    • Well-made and robust
    • Dedicated brow scissors for good salon hygiene
    Price: € 13,99
    out of stock
    • Small glass mixing dish with lid
    • Ideal for mixing small quantities of tint
    • Enables tint to be stored for short periods
    • Easy to clean
    • Quality appearance for salon use
    Price: € 7,90
    out of stock
    • Wooden orange sticks
    • Pack of 25 supplied
    • Each stick has one pointed and one hoof end
    • To apply wax neatly to the brow area
    • From La La Lashes
    Price: € 3,99
    out of stock