BaByliss PRO Ceramic Dial-A-Heat Tong 24mm

152338 - 24mm
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Features & benefits
  • 24mm medium barrel to create natural curls
  • Ceramic coated barrel for smooth, lasting results
  • 25 temperature settings
  • 100 C - 210 C for different hair types
  • Fast heat up and recovery
  • Salon length 2.7m swivel cord
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Available in a complete range of 6 different sizes, these classic curling tongs are hairdressing favourites used all around the globe. Notorious for their fast heat-up and smooth ceramic barrel, the tongs have advanced in performance over time and now have a top temperature of 210 C with improved heat recovery to ensure constant high heat along the barrel at all times. The ceramic barrel leaves hair with a smooth, shiny finish and 25 different temperature settings allow the exact amount of heat for specific hair types.
  • 24mm ceramic barrel
  • Maximum temperature 210 C
  • 25 heat settings 100 C - 210 C for different hair types
  • Fast heat up and recovery
  • Heat-ready indicator system
  • On & off switches with indicator lights
  • Stay cool safety tip
  • Built-in safety stand
  • 2.7m salon swivel cord

    • Box Contents Contain: Heat-ready indicator system, Auto shut-off after 72 minutes, On & off switches with indicator lights, Stay cool safety tip, Built in safety stand


1. Press the lever and place the tong midway up the hair section and spread hair evenly between the lever and the barrel.
2. Once hair is in place carefully let go of the lever so the hair is held securely between the lever and the barrel.
3. Gently slide the tong down to the hair ends. Wind the hair around the barrel ensure the hair is distributed evenly so the entire section is touching the barrel; try not to overlap the hair.
4. Hold in place for 5-8 seconds depending on the texture and length of the hair. To remove the tong from the hair, press the lever and pull tong away.

Customer Reviews

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14 November 2018
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I order the wrong tongs i wanted the 32 mm but because i opened the box i couldnt return it so I decided I might as well use it. the tongs heated up great, I got excited but to make matters worse once I tried to curly my hair, I wasn't impressed. It didn't curly. So i called my friend and asked her to come over because she has longer hair thinking it might be that not a single curl. I feel l wasted my money so here I have a brand new tongs and it can't be used. Im not happy It's not worse buying

10 October 2018
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1 2 3 4 5

great product easy to use

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