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Sadly, we weren’t all blessed with long, flowing, thick locks, no matter how hard we try. Hair extensions are a great way to add not just length, but thickness to your hair. We’ve pulled together our guide to hair extensions, from choice to application, to help you find the best ones for you.

Synthetic vs Human Hair Extensions. Which should I choose?

The main reason people often prefer to purchase human hair extensions is because they can be dyed, washed, and styled, just like natural hair. Synthetic hair cannot handle higher temperatures or constant exposure to sunlight. Human hair extensions tend to look more natural and reflect light in the same way your natural hair would, allowing them to blend easier. Synthetic extensions are a budget-friendly way to help you achieve your hair goals.

Which type of extensions should I choose?

Which type of extensions should I choose?

Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions (Also known as clip-in wefts) come as a strand of pieces of hair attached at the base with silicone or fabric which has a clip attached. From here all you have to do is clip the hair into your own (read on to find the best way to do this). These are easy to use and are the least permanent type of extension and cause the least amount of damage as they don’t involve heat or pressure on the hair.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in Hair Extensions are pre-taped/glued together on either side of your own hair. You should go to a stylist for this type of extension as they need to be aligned to the roots and applied with a heated tool to heat the glue. These also need to be removed by a stylist. Tape-in extensions can cause damage to the hair as hot glue is being used, but going to a stylist minimises this.The process takes 40 minutes to an hour to apply.

Micro-bead Hair Extensions

Micro-bead hair extensions are applied by attaching tiny bits of hair to the natural hair with a silicone bed. A micro-bead tool is then used to secure the bead to the hair by tightening it in place. This must be done by a professional as if done incorrectly can be damaging to the hair. This can take 2 to 4 hours to apply. If tightened too much it can cause pressure and pull at the roots or pull hair out. They don’t use heat or chemicals in the way tape-in extensions do, and will need repositioning every 2-3 months.

Who are Wildest Dreams and why should I try their clip-in extensions?

Easy & quick clip-in application

They’re quick and easy to clip into your hair, allowing you to transform you hair in minutes.

Ideal to add length and volume to any existing hair

They’re ideal to add length and volume to any existing hair, giving you the effect you’re looking for.

100% natural human hair

Using natural human hair provides better quality, shine and blend to the hair as well as being silky soft.

Can be styled (with heat styling tools)

Wildest dreams extensions can be styled with heat styling tools to create the look of your choice.

Seamless wear

Almost invisible when applied to the hair and comfortable to wear.

No commitment

Clip-in extensions mean you can choose when you want to wear them, with no commitment.

100% Vegan

Yes, our Wildest Dreams hair extensions are 100% vegan, made out of human hair containing no animal ingredients.

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How do I put my wildest dreams extensions in?


1. Section hair appropriately, parting where the hair extension is to be attached.


2. Open the clips by gently pushing the centre. They will click once open.


3. Attach the strip close to the parting line and close the clips, ensuring the strip is straight.


4. Take down a layer of hair from above the completed section and blend to look natural.

Using and caring for your Wildest Dreams Extensions

Will extensions work with thin hair?

Fine and thin hair are the perfect hair types for Wildest Dreams clip-in extensions as they add volume and length. This is because our clip-in extensions are temporary and don’t cause as much damage as other types such as glues, bonding and sewing.

When fitting clip-ins in fine hair, we’ve got a few tips and tricks:

  • Fit the clip-in extensions as close to the head as possible
  • Put the wefts slightly lower down on the head to hide them
  • Backcomb the roots and apply some hairspray to give the extensions a better grip
  • Layer the hair extensions to create natural results

Can you dye Wildest Dreams hair extensions?

We wouldn’t recommend dying your extensions.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

The Wildest Dreams hair extensions are temporary clip-ins that won’t interfere with the hair’s structure. To prevent damage, we recommend backcombing the roots and applying some hairspray to give them a better grip, specifically on fine, thin hair. You should also remove the extensions at the end of the day and do not sleep wearing them.

If applied and worn correctly, our temporary clip-in extensions will hardly cause any damage. When removing, always be careful and fully open the clips to avoid tearing. If necessary, use a detangler and leave-in conditioning spray to brush out and smoothen the backcombed roots afterwards.

How many clip-in extensions will I need?

How many you need will depend on the thickness of your natural hair and the look you’re trying to achieve. Wildest dreams are sold as 18 inch single weft, 18 inch half head, or 18 inch full head. Buying a full head product will not necessarily mean this will be all you need, it all depends on the thickness you’re trying to create and you may require more dependant if you want a thicker result.

How do I clean my extensions?

Step 1. Brush

Before washing your hair, detangle your extensions with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 2. Gently Shampoo

Gently wash your hair in warm water with a low pH shampoo avoiding rubbing, twisting or scrubbing and rinse out.

Step 3. Dry & Style

Dry and style your hair as desired.

Step 4. Brush & Detangle

Brush extensions regularly to detangle from roots to ends.

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