• <ul><li>compact range of 11 intense and light shades + 1 clear tone</li><li>all shades can be inter-mixed to create an infinity of colors</li><li>with acidic pH</li><li>care agents condition and moisturize the hair during coloration</li><li>high-performance direct acting color pigments guarantee brilliant color results</li></ul>
    Price: € 13,65
  • <ul><li>Vibrant shades in bright, bold colour</li><li>Semi-perm hair colour collection available in 7 wild shades</li><li>Ready to use formula</li><li>Contains no ammonia or peroxide</li><li>Can be used with Osmo Color Psycho Colour Tamer (sold seperately) to create unique pastel effects with dazzling results</li></ul>
    Price: € 9,55
  • <ul><li>Direct conditioning colour glaze that acts in just 3 minutes</li><li>Colours and nourishes in one step, perfectly closing the cuticle thanks to its acid pH</li><li>13 shades cover the entire colour spectrum</li><li>86% of ingredients from natural origins: value calculated in accordance with technical standard ISO 16128.</li><li>Contains Velian Complex, a patented blend of 4 plant extract (Mullein, Helichrysum, Flax, Dyer’s Chamomile) with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics.</li></ul>
    Price: € 42,05
  • <ul><li>Tame wild Color Psycho shades into submission with Color Tamer</li><li>Create unique pastel effects with dazzling results</li><li>Turns wild brights into tame pastel shades</li></ul>
    Price: € 9,55