• Lightweight professional cord/cordless clipper with LCD display
    • Detachable blade head in stainless steel
    • Includes adjustable comb attachments (3, 4, 5 & 6mm)
    • 3.2V Pivot motor with 5000 400 RPM
    • 90 minute charge for 90 minutes operating time
    Price: € 70,20
    • Features an extra wide T-blade for super close trimming.
    • Corded for continuous power.
    • Blade can be adjusted to zero overlap for ultra close cutting.
    • Designed for edge lining and detail work.
    • Cutting length 0.4mm - contains 3 combs 1/2, 1 and 1.1/2
    Price: € 98,80
    • Rechargeable trimmer with 90 minutes run time from full charge
    • Ideal for outlining and detail work
    • Interchangeable finger ring for stable trimming position
    • High precision snap on/off chrome plated blades
    • Easy to clean and maintain blade
    Price: € 100,00
    • Mains or rechargeable operation for total versatility
    • Ideal for beards, stubble, facial hair, necklines and sideburns
    • Up to 60 minutes cordless use on a full charge
    • Offers cutting lengths from 0.5 mm to 13 mm
    • Precision ground, high carbon steel blades for optimal cutting performance that stay sharp longer
    Price: € 34,99
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    Wahl WM8877-830 Chrom2style Clipper
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    • Superbly balanced clipper allows gentle, fatigue-free working from the wrist.
    • Diamond Blade is 40 times more durable than the standard blade for longer lasting cutting performance
    • Chip-controlled motor maintains speed when cutting through thicker hair
    • 180 minutes run time from an 80-minute charge
    • Snap on/off blades for easy changing
    Price: € 220,00 € 250,00
    • Rotary motor power
    • For all-around outlining, dry shaving and fading.
    • Detachable blades for easy changing and cleaning
    • Multiple attachment options, including titanium foil shaver head
    • Made in USA
    Price: € 125,00
    • Rechargeable trimmer with 100 minute operating time
    • High precision snap on/off chrome plated blades
    • Super quiet, light weight and easy to handle
    • The perfect partner to the Super Taper clipper
    • NiMH batteries for consistent and reliable charging and a LED charging light that indicates charging in process
    Price: € 99,95
    • Battery powered cordless operation for freedom of movement
    • Ideal for beards, stubble, facial hair, necklines and sideburns
    • Offers cutting lengths from 0.5mm to 13mm
    • Precision ground, high carbon steel blades
    • The ergonomic, soft touch design makes for easy handling and control
    Price: € 22,00
    out of stock
    • Precision ground T- Blade for custom styles and intricate patterns
    • Blade adjusts to zero overlap (tool included) for ultra-close trim
    • Precision ground stainless steel blade
    • Lightweight, compact design provides support and flexibility
    • Corded and powerful to cut hair with speed and ease
    Price: € 109,00
    out of stock
    • Bulk removal, tapering and all round close trimming
    • Can be used continuously as you will never run out of power
    • Adjustable taper lever allows for greater variation in cutting lengths
    • Lightweight design and comfortable handing make it ideal for all outlining and trimming work
    • Free neck duster perfect for removing hair from face and neck
    Price: € 139,98
    out of stock
    • Ideal for trimming unwanted nose, ear and eyebrow hair
    • Use wet or dry - Perfect for use in the bathroom
    • Hygienic, rinse clean rotary blade for minimal maintenance
    • High performance - Powered by a single AA battery
    • Compact enough for travel use
    Price: € 11,69
    out of stock
    • 40mm wide, high grade steel T blade
    • Ideal for trimming, precise neck and beard outlining
    • High speed motor
    • Fully charges in just 120 minutes
    • Super light at just 135g with low noise output
    Price: € 137,00
    out of stock
    • The Super Taper is the UK s bestselling professional mains clipper
    • Powerful, durable and long lasting professional V5000 motor
    • Designed for the busy stylist or barber and ideal for all clipper work
    • Thumb lever adjusts taper and texture without changing blades
    • Includes the rechargeable Super trimmer, the perfect partner for the Super Taper clipper
    Price: € 145,00
    out of stock
    • Balanced, ergonomic trimmer for outlining, designing and dry shaving
    • Sleek, lightweight, cord/cordless design for greater flexibility
    • Improved motor for increased speed, power and life
    • Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 2 hours of run time on a single charge
    • Equipped with close-cutting T-blade (may be zero-gapped)
    Price: € 114,40
    out of stock
    • High power cord or cordless control
    • Precision engineered interchangeable, 30mm and 40mm, Japanese steel blades with super sharp V cutting angle
    • Lithium technology for sustained power performance
    • High-torque brushless motor for long-lasting power and speed
    • Charging and storage stand
    Price: € 156,60
    out of stock