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    Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Detangling Hair Brush
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    • Professional detangling hairbrush
    • For Thick Hair, Afro Hair and Curly Hair
    • Patented teeth formation that bend and flex through the hair
    • Bristles are 4mm longer than the original Tangle Teezer
    • Effortlessly banishes tangles and knots on dry and wet hair
    Price: € 14,00
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    • Tangle Teezer Salon Elite
    • Professional-quality detangling brush
    • Removes knots and twists from wet and dry hair
    • No tugs or pulls
    • Popping Pastels design in lilac or lime
    Price: € 15,35
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    • Tangle Teezer Original
    • Detangling hairbrush
    • Effortless knot removal
    • As seen on TV
    • In panther black
    Price: € 14,00
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    Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool Half Size
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    • Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool from Tangle Teezer
    • Wet-to-dry paddle brush
    • Quick and smooth drying without frizz
    • No pulling or tugging
    • For short- to medium-length hair
    Price: € 22,04
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