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    <style>.availability-notavailable, .availability, .variation-list { max-width: inherit; display: none !important; }</style> Perfect for beginners or existing therapists who want to add this service to their menu, this course will teach you all the techniques required to deliver a luxurious manicure and pedicure treatment perfected with nail polish. It is a great foundation nail course and is required to move onto more advanced nail courses such as gel polish and nail extensions. Combined, these popular treatments cost around £30 - £50 (dependent on location) per client so you would only have to complete 3 treatments to make a profit from completing the course! </li> </ul><br><br> <b>Top Features </b><br> The ability to work at your own pace to complete your pre-course work covering the following: <br><ul><li> Health & Safety </li> <li> Anatomy and physiology of the hands, feet and nails </li> <li> Client consultation techniques and contra-indications </li> <li> A full step-by-step Manicure & Pedicure tutorial video </li> <li> A Q&A to be completed by the student </li> <br> Once completed, you will be invited to book onto a <b>live, practical, one-to-one</b> webinar that will cover: <br> </li> <li> Client consultation and understanding </li> <li> Nail preparation and correct hand/foot positioning </li> <li> Guided manicure and pedicure treatment followed by nail polish application </li> </ul><br> <b>Key Learnings </b><br><ul> <li> Full understanding of how to complete a professional standard manicure and pedicure treatment followed by nail polish application confidently and safely </li> <li> Required health and safety knowledge </li> </ul> <br> <b>Additional Information</b><br><ul> <li> Students must be at least 16 years of age </li> <li> Models are required during the live webinar and must be at least 16 years of age and have natural nails, free from any product </li> <li> Students must have access to a selection of items listed below. Please note that there is no need to purchase more if you already have them </b> </li> <li> The course provider will send out an email within 48 hours of booking with access to pre-course work. Once completed you will be invited to book onto your live practical one-to-one webinar, with slots available Monday - Friday 9am-5pm </li> <li> There will be an assessment at the end of this course </li> <li> Students will receive a qualification upon passing </li> <li> Training provided by The Nail & Beauty Training Academy </li> <li> Course accredited by IPHM </li> <li> Course duration: 1 Day, 9am - 5pm </li> </ul>
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    Delivered via an online LIVE webinar, learn how to strengthen, build and extend the natural nail with Gellux Builder Gels. With option to layer with Gellux gel polish for long lasting colour, plus easy soak-off removal with no damage. <br> <br> <strong>Top Features </strong><br><ul> <li> Full understanding of the Gellux brand and its products for Gel Polish and Builder Gel application </li> <li> The skills and knowledge required to successfully perform Builder Gel Polish treatment </li> <li> Health & Safety specific to gel polish </li> <li> Salon hygiene, sanitation/health and safety</li> <li> Client consultation, contra-indications and client care </li> </ul> <br> <strong>Key Learnings </strong><br> The LIVE Webinar practical session will cover: <ul> <li> Safe preparation of the natural nail for all Gellux applications </li> <li> Strengthen – repair, protect and prolong the natural nail </li> <li> Build – natural, strong & even gel overlays</li> <li> Extend – correct short, bitten, problem nails using Builder Gel growth programme </li> <li> Colour - customer colour applications (french & full colour) </li> <li> Maintenance/infills & aftercare </li> </ul> <br> <strong>Additional Information </strong><br><ul> <li> A manicure certificate is required to attend this course </li> <li> Students and models must be at least 18 years of age to attend </li> <li> Models are required during the live webinar at 11am and must not have any contra-indications to the treatment as indicated in your online learning </li> <li> Students will need to have access to the selection of items listed above. Please purchase any items that you do not already own. Some items may already be salon essentials so there is no need to purchase more if you already own them. </li> <li> You will continue to have access to the online learning portal for 1 year </li> <li> Upon completion you will receive an accredited E-certificate </li> <li> Course duration: 1 Day, 9:30am – 1:30pm</li> <li> 6 CPD hours & 6 CPD points </li> </ul>

How do I enrol for online training?

  • Purchase your course

    1. Purchase your course. You can browse all courses here.

  • email

    2. You should receive email confirmation of your enrolment onto your course from the course provider (this should be within 48hrs of booking, excluding weekends & Bank Holidays).

  • courses

    3. For courses that include starter kits they will be posted out alongside an access code to the online learning platform by the provider. For all other courses your training provider will let you know when you will receive access to the pre-course work- it should be roughly a week before your course is due to begin.

  • Complete all your pre-course work

    4. Complete all your pre-course work: this will include reading material, video content, step by step tutorial videos and quiz assessments.

  • Attend your session

    5. Attend your live webinar session

  • receive notification

    6. You will receive notification of your result and an accredited certificate when you pass your course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Course provider: The Nail & Beauty Training Academy

Please note courses by this provider are:
814374 Manicure & Pedicure online nail course

Do you need any previous experience to sign up to the courses?

Students must be at least 16 years of age to sign up to these courses. No previous experience is required for the online Manicure & Pedicure nail course.

Do the courses require you to have a model?

A human model that must be at least 16 years of age is required for both of this course. Models are required during the live webinar and must have natural nails, free of any products.

Do I have to purchase the kit items to take part in the course?

Yes- all students need purchase the relevant kit items to use during the live webinar. Please note that you may already own some of the items, so there is no need to purchase more if you already have them. The full kit lists for these courses can be found on page 15 of the prospectus available

Do I have to complete the pre-course work before the live webinar?

Yes all pre-course work must be completed before attending the live webinar. You should receive access to the work via email a week before your live practical session (pre-course work is now sent out immediately and they book their webinar session upon completion of all the pre-course work directly with the training provider) with a guide of how long it should take to complete. If you haven't received the email (and it's not in your junk folder) we advise you to contact the course provider to check your details are correct.

Can I re-arrange or cancel the date of my live webinar?

If you need to change or cancel the date of your live webinar within 14 days of it taking place there will be a booking amendment charge of £20. If you are unable to attend due to legal restrictions as a result of the current pandemic or are unable to bring another person into your home as a result of COVID-19 or any other personal emergency out of your control, we will offer you an alternative webinar date with the booking amendment charge waivered. This is at the absolute discretion of The Nail & Beauty Training Academy/Sally Beauty.


How do I add my new qualification to my insurance?

Once you have completed your course including your live webinar session you will receive notification of your result and an accredited certificate if you have passed. You will need to contact your insurance provider to provide them with a copy of your accredited certificate for them to update your insurance.

Please note when speaking with your insurance provider they will ask who the course is accredited by which is outlined on your certificate and not the company you purchased the course from.

Do you know when face to face courses will become available again?

Unfortunately due to the current climate we have no immediate plans to restart customer education in stores in order to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible. We will keep you as updated as possible with our plans and will take a lead from the accrediting bodies on how best to proceed with training.

Is it possible to hire out a training room in one of your stores?

Unfortunately this is not currently possible but we will keep you updated on when the service will be next available.

I am part of a college/salon interested in training on my premises, is it possible to arrange this?

Yes, this is possible, please contact UKCustomerServices@uk.sallybeauty.com

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