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    • Stimulating daily conditioner
    • Leaves hair soft and manageable
    • Ingredients nourish and protect hair
    • Loaded with extracts of green tea and ginger
    • Contains peppermint and menthol
    Price: € 6,30
    • Mega firm gel for super hold
    • Ideal for wet or dry hair
    • Wheat proteins for moisture, retention and strengthening
    • Antioxidants for maximum hair and scalp health
    Price: € 9,00
    • Matte finish clay with exceptional hold
    • Firm yet flexible hold
    • Leaves hair without shine, just texture
    • Deep conditioning for healthy hair
    Price: € 10,00
    • Super strong rigid control
    • Maximum hold for extreme styles
    • Use with any hair texture
    • Ideal for special styles like Mohawk or Pompadour
    Price: € 10,00
    • Pomade with great hold and flexibility
    • Soft, pliable finish for on the go styling
    • Provides added shine to hair
    • Ideal for controlling wavy or curly hair
    • Contains ginger root and horsetail
    Price: € 10,00
    • Light-medium hold styling gel
    • Perfect styling tool for everyday use
    • Put unruly hair in place without stiffness
    • Creates volume
    • Perfect for fine- and medium-textured hair
    Price: € 9,00
    • Texturising matte finish pomade
    • Perfect balance of flexibility and firmness
    • Provides incredible styling creativity
    • Contains unique ingredients to enhance hold
    Price: € 9,99
    • Daily shampoo for normal to oily hair and scalp
    • Fresh minty-grapefruit fragrance
    • Soothes and protects hair
    • Helps build body and strength
    • Enriched with ingredients to maintain healthy hair
    Price: € 7,00
    • Modern pomade with great hold and flexibility
    • Adds shine to hair
    • Works like a classic oil based pomade but is water soluble
    • Easy to wash out
    • Contains fruit extract for strengthening and fortifying hair
    Price: € 10,00